how did you start?

i started cuz i was at a kids house helping him build a treehouse and his friend came over with his uni. i thought it looked fun so i tryed his, it was hard! so i got home, told my mom i was gonna buy one and thats my story whats yours

i was like wow… everyone skates now… took some of the fun out of it… then thought wow no one unis… so i bought my savage at the local schwinn store… found this site… been hooked ever since


Here’s at least one thread on the same topic found by using the search function in RSU only. It even has a link to another thread in it. There are probably several more, maybe even in JC.

Re: how did you start?

Was bicycling to work in the university one day and I passed a load of
research physicists playing unicycle hockey (trying to, anyhow) on the road
outside their laboratory. I stopped to tell them they were being strange
and that they should google for “Flaming Puck Unicycle Hockey”. One of
them let me try riding his uni. As soon as I got to work I ordered a cheap
20" uni from ebay :wink:

That was about 6 months ago. Since then, I’ve acquired a BC and a 29" uni,
both by Nimbus. I’m trying to resist the urge to buy more, as I don’t have
anywhere to keep them!


unijesse wrote:

> i started cuz i was at a kids house helping him build a treehouse and
> his friend came over with his uni. i thought it looked fun so i tryed
> his, it was hard! so i got home, told my mom i was gonna buy one and
> thats my story whats yours

I saw a kid in my town unicycling down the road, and thought: I fancy a trying that. I bought a 20" basic unicycle, then a Pashley 26", and now I have my 24" Kris Holm 24"XC.

I used to juggle quite a bit, so I thought, club juggling on a unicycle would be a good challenge. It took a while, but I got there.


As a kid my father encouraged us to ride unicycles. I am not sure why, but it was a big kick for him to see his kids on unicycles even though he never rode one.

Now that I’m in my 50’s and my father has passed. I have started riding a unicycle again for the exercise and found that I really enjoy it. Still there are times when deep down I feel I’m riding to my father’s liking.

It certainly has been a great gift.

i was at a festival in my town and my friend showed up on his…and since i had a job and money to buy one…i hopped on the bandwagon

My uncle had one at his bike shop so my dad stopped by to visit and thought it would be neat to buy me one so for my birthday i recieved it and now im where i am now…Unicycling!

i always like doing hard things that not many people do, so i was bord one day and i was searching weird stuff on e-bay. THEN i searched unicycle then i was like THIS ARE SOOOO COOL I NEED ONE!!! so then i looked in the newspaper for one for sale near me. THEN i found an article about the london unicycle club. i went to a meeting learned to ride. baught a cheap uni right away… then baught some more sweet unicycles…

I used to juggle and I saw unicycling and extension of circus skills and a new challenge.

Since them I’ve got my glorious (harharhar) Nimbus Trials and I’ve moved away from juggling.

Unicycling to me is less or a circus sport and more of a bmx or skate boarding sport, especially with trials and street riding.

AndyC has spoken.

It was the only really difficult thing left at the circus club that I hadn’t done. So it was a natural challenge for me to accomplish before I was 40.


I was on a trip with my corps and a girl there had a trainer unicycle. I learned to ride 50 metres. Then I got one for christmas.

I actually found this site first, using a Firefox extension called StumbleUpon in which you input a few of your interests and it sends you to random sites it thinks you will like. I think this site came up under “Extreme Sports”. I thought it was completely ridiculous at first, until I started perusing RSU and watched a couple homemade videos, and I was hooked a month before I finally bought my uni.

I know what you mean Andy, I don’t juggle much now, Unicycling is just more fun.

Me three.


I started by borrowing my friends uni, I’m a trampolinist so we’re often trying stupid things. This was just another thing to add to the list.

So I spent two weeks in the freezing cold and ice riding up and down my neighbours path while wearing ski gloves.

While not riding or trampolining, I use this stupid thing called the internet. With the help of its friend Mr Google, I quickly has a list of sites that told me how to do more stupid things than I could imagine.

So here I am a year and a bit later with 4 unicycles, and progressing slowly…

well 5 years ago my dad (who at that time was a airline pilot) was drunk in Singapore and walked past a bike shop looked at a uni and thought hey i need one of those ,woke up the next day “why’d i get this¿”

i am one who joined the ranks from the juggling end. my first visit to my local juggling club confronted me with a unicycle, which after some trepidation i began to learn. next visit, it clicks and i ride up and down the hall. i come home and pester my mum until she buys the ebay 20" i’ve enjoyed for the past four months.

i’ve always had a stroke of insanity and searched for ridiculous activities to be getting on with, and found unicycling to be one, especially when combined with other things. of course, the absurdity of one wheel has been lost on me over the course of my time riding, and now it’s more just a lifestyle.

i saw one of my friends do it at halloween as a clown so, that christmas “Santa” brought a norco for me and i practiced it about 2 days strait befofe taking it outside. i think im a wierd unicyclist though. because i was riding down some stairs before i could freemount :thinking: it took me about 3 months to be able to freemount.

To keep us busy after school, my Mom signed my brother and I up for a youth circus program that was put on by the YMCA in Redlands, Ca. When going through the list of activities to learn, unicycle caught our attention. We learned to ride and did the circus for three years. We would start practice near the start of the school year, I think Sept/Oct. and the big performances were in May, so it would keep us busy most of the school year. That was in the early 80’s, the Great Y Cicus is still running today, which actually surprised me, but I think it’s cool. :slight_smile: