How cool is that?

I was looking thru my YouTube video collection, and noticed that my “Let it Snow” video had some links connected with it. I followed one and discovered that both my and Det-Riot’s video (Messing Around in the Snow) are part of a Spanish online unicycling discussion! From what I can decipher (correct me if I am wrong), both videos are being cited as proof that yes, you CAN mount/ride a unicycle in the snow. Anyhow, I suddenly felt an even deeper connection to the worldwide community of crazy people on unicycles. :slight_smile: It is a small world, indeed. A Merry Christmas to each of you, my online unicycling family :smiley:

haha thats so cool. i want my video on a spanish forum :frowning: … i might go post it on one now :smiley: haha oj. Congratulations.

ya mine is on there to!

I had no idea what the discussion was about tho.

I think some of my other videos are linked on that site aswell.

I got a few comments on some of my videos saying that I am getting most of my views on my videos from the spanish forum.

We’re all so famous :smiley: Who knew?


this week the mexicans are learning lots about unicycles. I am im cozumel this week and have already totaled my uni. I bent the hub like crazy but am still riding it. Unfortunatly the torker cx is the only one that I had that was small enough to fit in my bag. I doubt it will make it home from this trip.

My unispin tutorial got mentioned on this metal music forum. (Look at post 114). Too bad the poster calls it a craptacular unicycling video hahaha.