how come the coker wheelset doesnt fit nightrider?

i just got a used night rider frame and used coker wheelset but whne i went to put them together the frame came out to far, almost to the end of the threads of the frame. is this because the hub isnt large enough?

The nightrider is built for the ultrawide UDC hub. I think it’s 120mm instead od 100mm. You might be able to bend the frame.

The new Coker wheelset has the wide hub though. If it’s the original Coker (the old one) you would need to bend the frame. If you have the new Coker wheelset, it should fit, but the Coker has 40mm bearings and the NightRider has 42mm bearings.

The non ISIS nightride frames have 40mm bearings, the ones made for ISIS hubs have 42mm :slight_smile:

But yeah i think you’ll have to bend your frame in, it’s not an unuausl thing to do though, a lot of people do it :slight_smile: