How can you see what a splined hub looks like

i want to know if this unicycle has a slplined hub but i cant tell can if it dus please help me?


K what Skrobo just posted is pretty useless to you. A splide hub setup is basically anything that isn’t square taper, but that probably won’t tell you much either. The best way for you to find out what you have it to tell us the brand of unicycle you have. The model would help aswell, or size of wheel.

fine then

and cottered cranks are basically outdated and gone
those are the hubs w/o cranks (DUHHH)
take a pic and post it, that would be the best way to tell (prefferably w/ a crank OFF)

Hmmm… right there in the articles and tutorials section.


pretty much everything you need to know right there.

Unscrew the bolt from your cranks and if you can see a square then your unicycle isn’t splined :wink: