How can we tie this in with Unicycling

Check this out

I highly doubt there is a way.

I just read today an article in the local paper of a guy who’s trying to land w/ one of those. He says he’ll need a special runway that’ll cost $2 mill.

That’s so crazy. Looks really fun and really dangerous. But so cool. And yeah no way to put unicycling into that…

The problem might be one of enjoying yourself so much that you forget all about the chute until it is too late.
And misjudging distances in general of course!


amazing stuff! they did this on extreme sports channel, but one person decided they wanted to do it at night, it was crazy how close they came to the rocks even though it was dark. Amazing sport, one which i would never bring myself to do.

Oh god… Are we turning to flying squirrels now?


I don’t see why not and that that flying squirrel looks awesome BTW. :stuck_out_tongue:

clipless pedals on a BC wheel?

that was the coolest video ever! i loved the slo-mo overhead shot with the 3 guys flipping!

I read about a guy (about halfway down the page is a firsthand account) who kept trying shorter and shorter reverse flips, with less and less room to clear the approaching slopes below. Guess what. He cratered and died. Awesome, but sick sport.

seems your arms would get tired after a while

You could unicycle up the mountain . . . thats about the only way you’re gonna tie that in with the flyingsquirrelcrazypeoplejumpingoffclifsgoingdangerouslyclosetoground thing

i’ve been wanting to get my A Licence in Skydiving for a while now, pilot training first though. Ive wanted to do wingsuit diving since the moment i saw it for the first time.
One guy actually died while doing it, attempting to go under a bridge, but was too high, went right into the side of it… painful stuff, anyway…

How do you mean tie it in with unicycling? as in unicycle off cliffs and wingsuit down to ground to attempt to land the uni again in some sort of coast or glide?

a guy is actually going to attempt wingsuiting without deploying a parachute next year, hes hoping to just run out at the landing after an impressive flare.

you’re already on the ground before after a while :slight_smile:

Yet another thing I must do befor I die :smiley:

yeah…‘right before’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, i’ll do it when I’m 39. I’ve heard life ends at 40 or somthing like that…

I vote somebody unicycles with this

Imagine the side hop height :slight_smile:

“How can we tie this in with Unicycling?”

Ride off a cliff and see what happens! :slight_smile:

Awesome video though. Those guys are nuts, but it’s very entertaining for us!