how can I upgrade the united?

That’s right, you heard it, I wan’t to upgrade my united saddle.

What I’m looking for is first off: a handle. I would’ve thought that a miyata handle could fit but it wouldn’t be very sturdy and I don’t think would take the abuse.

So what I would also need is a seat-pot stiffener to a give me some more stiffness and be reinforce the handle.

Anyways, my question to you is: can this be done using bought parts?

Or will I more likely than not need to have someone build these peices for me?


Just out of curiousity - Why? I’m no expert but I have no complaints with a KH saddle and would recommend it…

Owen’s broken at least 1 Kh saddle. I’ve been trhoguh 2. They are nice, but if you can break them, it sucks, since you will (except the new gen, which seems far stronger).

I don’t have any ideas for your seat, but I’ll think.

how would you know? do you even have one? and what does “seems” mean now exactly?

I love it when people take shots at me for competely unrelated events. It really shows their upstanding morals.

No, I don’t have one. At CMW I was talking to Kris, and he said that he’d strengthened it a bunch. Also, he’d been riding the exact same saddle since before Moab, and it still wasn’t showing much stress. I tried it, and it barely flexed at all. I’ve also spoken to other riders who have told me it’s much stiffer than previous gen’s. I used “seems” because I wanted anyone who reads the post to take it with a grain of salt. But then again, if you don’t know what “seems” means, I don’t see why you’d understand the saying “take it with a grain of salt” any better. So whatever.

I have 3 diffrent genartions of the KH saddle does “seem” the strongest. ( I use the word “seem” here because it is my opinion and i have not proven it in a series of scienticfic experiments)

 I also have 2 united seats and they "seem" very stiff and strong. It seems to me like it is a very good idea to put a handle or a united seat