How can I tell how old my Torker is?

I picked up a Torker DX 24" at a local bike shop. I’ve noticed a lot of conversation mentioning the model year of their Torker. So, I was wondering how to tell how old my Torker is? Are there markings or can I tell by the serial number? I hope I didn’t overpay for an older model. I paid $116 with tax, but it was convenient to buy it 1 block from my house. I’m not really worried about it, I’m happy with the uni. It would just be nice to know.

Are you sure it is a DX model and not CX or LX? A new DX would be about $300.

How about posting a pic?

You are right.

Correction. It says Unistar CX.

dang, you got ripped off. torker LX’s were 95 (20") back when I was in the market for my first uni.

no he didn’t
thats about average price for a CX at a BIKE SHOP… they want to make good money… they are going to be significantly cheaper online

show us a picture of it.

I guess my bike shop is a lot cooler about unis than his then. The one near me sells them cheaper than UDC.

The only way to find out the true age of a torker is to take it to the Holy 09 Torker, make a sacrifice, and hope it will give you an answer…

Always google any choice before you buy a uni

Yeah, that’s a crappy uni, relative to the $ you spent. In general, the cx is known for it’s Romanian seat , combined with a serious step down from the mid range quality of an lx.

Fixed :slight_smile: