how can i jump higher?

hi people,
i would like some advise on how to jump higher.
i can hop up stairs and curbs.
i find it hard to ride SIF.
should i put the seat in front when i want to jump high and pull the uni up higher?

any advise or if u know any tutorials please tell me!:smiley:

yeah, ride SIF. lower your tire pressure a little.
When hoping SIF jump with your legs, then pull your feet up towards your butt.
hope that helps.


SIF? WHats that mean

Seat in Front - riding with the seat in front of you,

PRACTICE! watch some movies that have good technique such as a ryan atkins movie or a joe hodges movie…
seat at a medium height not too low but not too high…
umm…lower pressure but not so low u get pinch flats…
use ur legs and that arm of yours and tuck hard…

Actually if you can only hop up curb hight, I don’t think SIF will help you right now.

It will allow you to tuck better and jump higher in the long run, but anything under like… 20" or something I don’t think it’s nessecary.

Basicly just get more comfortable hopping, focus on bending down and springing up with your legs, and pulling the unicycle so it stays on your feet.

Yeah, I was doing 20"+ with SI before I finally went to SIF.

Just keep practicing, and set goals. Pallets help a lot, and self discipline will make this easier.

Start with one pallet, jump up it, and down, then back up, and again and again until it becomes 2nd nature to you. Get 2 pallets, do the same, move onto 3 pallets, then 4, and so on.

Also work on ledges, just for more variety, angles, and heights then what pallets give you.

Work on stairs too, then youll learn to get distance with your height.

Also, learn to compress your tire. Either just compress, or do a pre-hop to get the compression, but youll want that to get the most height out of your jump.

I hop on every ledge I see. It helps.

Seat in Height

Wow Jerrick! 20 inches Seat In is pretty good! I am now doing about 14 to 16inches seat in and feel that it is close to my limit. I have started practicing SIF a lot lately. All my stairs and any curbs I am now doing SIF in order to get comfortable with it. I can now do about 12 to 14 inches SIF but this height limit is only psychological. I can feel that as I get more comfortable with it I will be able to get some really great height. I am capable of jumping up things that are over a yard heigh without the unicycle so I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be able to get to the 24 to 30 inch height with the unicycle once I have SIF hoping perfected.

I have found that jumping up sloped objects it great for improving height. It takes away the psychological barrier of the fear of snagging your tire on the ledge. If you jump 2 inches or 18 inches you are still landing on the same sloped surface.


I’ve just committed (this morning) to learning seat in front. I can get 30" seat in, and I think I’ve close to reached my physical limit of seat in hopping. When you go that high seat in, it has no style. I land with my uni at an awkward angle and my body leaning the opposite way to counter it, then I get upright. I’ve done less than 20 hops seat in front so far, just trying it up curbs and little stuff. I have this brick wall that’s 23" and I can do that seat in front…off to practice more!

30" SI is really good, or are you doing that rolling?

Rolling I can hit 32" since last time I have measured.

No, that’s static. I think I’m where you are rolling. I did 5 pallets behind Wal*Mart. I don’t remember the exact measurement, but it was over 30". I know I couldn’t do 6 pallets at the time, it was over 3’.

i hit 7 wal mart pallets once (rolling)… i thought it was only 34-36"
anyways, i suck at SIF…i can only hit 24-26" but i can hit 36" roll hopping on a great day.

Wow Skrobo

7 pallets would be about 105 Cm or 41 inches! You should have come to FLUCK and participated in the High Jump. I know that you are capable of that hieght from some of your videos!