how can I jump higher

Hi guys, could someone give me some advice on how to hop higher as i can only jump about 9".

Are you doing it Seat In, or Seat In Front (SI or SIF)? With or without a prehop? Are you tucking?
Seat in front is holding the seat in your hands so you can pull the uni up higher. Tucking is like doing a tuck jump: you pull your uni (legs) up. Although you don’t need to jump any higher, you will be able to jump over higher obstacles. Prehops compress the tyre to get some extra sping, as well as boosting your speed as you go in for the jump.

which leg forward

When hopping which leg should i have forward,im right footed. How do you compress the tyre so hard?Should I have the seat in front.

I’ve always heard that you should put your dominant foot on the back pedal when jumping. My jumping stinks, so can’t give any advice, though. Most of it is just practice-practice-practice. Jumping with the seat in front on a regular basis will help you get more comfortable.

You can already hop right? You don’t need to switch your hopping stance to hop higher. If you can hop 9" you really just need to keep practicing. As you hop more you will get more comfortable and be able to relax and hop higher. Make sure that your seat is low enough that you have room to bend your knees. Also, practice doing gaps as well as high jumps, and work on something else like unispins. These will all help you get comfortable with hopping. Hopping higher takes time as you need to develop strength and muscle memory, so working on something else for a few days will give your body time to develop it’s hopping skills.

Thanks for that. It’s all very new but I love it. Practice everyday and I will kick it eventually. Watch out Mike Taylor (Yeh right) :wink:

People can do anything if they want it badly enough. If you really are only 11 and you keep at it and don’t stop you have a massive chance to be a great rider one day.The younger you start the better you’ll get i think. Also you’ll get higher as you grow :slight_smile:

Hey Mike,

When did you start riding?

Aside from technique, the generic way to improve your jumping height is simply to increase your leg strength. Leg presses at the gym should do the trick.

I’ve been riding for 5 years now, started when i was 16. As written above leg presses will make your leg stronger, squats with weight are much better for improving jump height though.