How can I fix this Street Fusion?

I was messing around with my Fusion Street 2 days ago when I realized that it was like a TempurPedic mattress. In my stupidity, I pushed down really hard, and 2 days later, I can sort of (barely) feel the indentation. I was was worried about this so I took my cover off to find that the foam was peeling and the back was squeeking seen in the video is my problem. Any thoughts on how to fix? Will those indentations eventually go away.

Use silver tape, it solves every single problem I have every day :smiley:

( Duct tape up here)

i would probably stick something in there to make it not sqeak… but is it the foam squeaking, or the foam against the plastic that’s squeaking?

It’s the tape the holds the foam against the plastic.

Should I worry about the foam coming off?

rip the tape off where it goes into the foam (are they still made like that??)… and then tape it (duct tape will work fine) over the top, around the back, and stick it to the plastic somewhere… it doesn’t NEED tape, but it does help the foam stay together.

Let me get this straight. Take all the foam completely off the seat. Take the tape off the plastic bottom. Put the foam back on. And duct-tape the foam to the plastic?

Anyone else think this is a good idea?

just take the tape off the back.
and tape the back to the plastic.

I took the foam completely off, then just placed it back on. No more squeak.

that works too lol
every time i’ve tried to take the tape off it rips and is useless.
is the tape molded into the seat foam?


Not sure what you mean.

The tape does have traces of foam on it.

just put it back on and leave it there!

seriously, you care a bit too much. ( not to be mean or anithing)

Get out and Ride :smiley:

You don’t know how much I want too.

Doctor says it wasn’t a torn hamstring, and nothing showed up in the x-ray. I’m going in for an MRI soon. The doctor thinks it might be torn cartilage. If so, I’ll probably need surgery. Hopefully, the anti-inflammatory pills she gave me will hopefully work and I wont need any of this^

Forgot about that… Sorry! :frowning:

No worries:p