How can I convince my parents to let me buy a unicycle?

I really wanted a uni but my parents think its stupid and they gave me money but said that I can’t buy that for some reason please help

Can someone please reply thank you!!!

Tell them unicycles teach patience

I told this to someone else, but I think it’d work here too. Tell, them it’s cool, and you won’t buy the uni. Instead, tell them that you’ll go and spend every penny they gave you on Crack, Jack Daniels, and hookers. Maybe that will change their minds.

My parents never bought me a unicycle. :frowning:

It’s you parents who are stupid, not unicycle

I ride unicycle with my children and friends, it’s so fun and so teaching !

Show them my message if you want, no problem

ask your parents if you may not buy a really cheap unicycle… so its not that bad if you stop riding…
and if you keep on riding and having fun, your parents will probably allow you to buy a better one :wink:

  • if your parents love ‘extreme’ stuf: show them some good vids :slight_smile:

I have only been riding for 2 years and I love it. My wife and 3 kids have since learnt to ride and they all love it too. The challenge, the fitness, the versatility, the convenience, the simplicity and it takes lots of patience and practice. Tell you parents to have a look at some of the vids on my youtube site It might help your cause. Good luck!

as a grand-father I highly recommend unicycling to my grand-children. I have now two mini-mountain unicycles for them!
For sure grand-parents have a reputation for spoiling children but you can tell your parents that I am very strict about education and behaviour.

another point: they gave you this money: so now it’s part of your education to spend it as you want (I mean if you do not spend it wisely that will teach you somehting!)

hunger strike:d


I was once where your parents are, my son saw one of my freinds riding a uni, he said “I want one”. In response I told him that it was stoopid and said there was no way I’d buy him one. He persisted and ultimately I agreed that if he could ride my freinds uni twenty feet, that I’d buy him a cheap uni.

We still have that cheap uni as well as three other unis, I now ride an average of 100 days a year on a uni, my son though a very talented uni rider, now rides once a month, but in the first couple years he rode a uni fifty time a year.

Tell them to send me a message and I’ll see if can help out.

You should have them watch some videos on You Tube, Unigeezer woudl be fun, maybe have them come on this forum and do some reading, most non uni riders have no idea that a unicycle is anything more than a toy/novelty.

I’m 46 yo, previously I was a hard core mountain biker, now I ride munis as much or than I rode mountain bikes; it’s been over three years since I rode a bike.

And at one point I was riding ~ five thousand miles yearly on a road bike, so there must be some utility to riding unis or I’d still ride bikes :slight_smile:

How old are you?

Have they given you any reason whatsoever?
I think there ARE some situations where buying a unicycle would be stupid.
If my parents gave me money with the understanding I would use it for clothes or college spending money, then yeah, spending it on a unicycle would be stupid.

If it’s supposed to be money as a gift for you to spend as you want, then it sounds like they just don’t understand what unicycling really is, and why it costs what it does.

Exercise, persistence, concentration, and keeping you away from less beneficial activities are all good points. I agree, showing them some videos might help too… though you might want to skip the videos that look dangerous.

It’s cheaper the you buying a car. I’m 23, don’t have a driver’s license, and commute most places I need to be via Unicycle, that is, these things aren’t just fun, but can be a viable form of transportation.

It will keep you off drugs.

buy it secretly and keep it at your neighbors house.

tell them your depressed, see a psychologist, and get a doctor’s note prescribing a unicycle.

Tell that you know that there is a recession on and times are hard… so you are asking them for only half a bike.

or another tack may be…

“I can ride a bike now, I would like to get one without a stabalizer wheel now”.

Thank you everyone

I tell them every possible reason but they just keep on saying no:(

how old are you? your age actually impacts the type of discussion you should have with your parents. if we know how old you are we can get you more useful info.