how can i carry a unicycle on my back?

Next year I’ll be in collage and am planing on unicyling every where. My question is, has anybody heard of some sort of unicycle back pack for carrying a unicycle into stores etc… ? I don’t want to chain it up or anything- if that is even possible. But its a pretty light 20 inch. I’m thinking if all else fails i could come up with some sort of velcro strap deal. Any ideas or products?

bungie cord?

I’m at school too and what I end up doing is just carrying it under my arm. Kinda bend your arm 90 degrees and pinch the seat between your side and your upper arm. Or with your arm still bent, rest the seat on your forearm. Just watch the pedals when you pass people or go through doors.

There are backpacks designed to carry a snowboard with the snowboard strapped to the back of the pack. There are also similar packs designed to carry skateboards. One of those packs could be rigged to carry a unicycle instead of a snowboard or skateboard.

Nathan and Kris used snowboard packs to carry their unicycles as they hiked in the movie Into The Thunder Dragon. See this thread for info on the packs they used. Those packs are rather expensive though. A knapsack designed to carry a skateboard would be much less expensive and would probably work well enough for a 20" unicycle.

I’ve got a fairly small rucksack that has compression straps on it which works nicely. The straps can be fed through the spokes and tightened to hold the wheel in place. I took the pedals off, but then they were spikey platform pedals, and it was a 24" muni.


Surely you won’t need to carry it then?! :wink:

hmmmm… if you’re attending college, then i’d just bite the bullet and buy a quality bike lock, and wrap it around the seat of the unicycle when locking it up, so nobody can nab that with the quick release.

Re: how can i carry a unicycle on my back?

I go everywhere on my muni and find it easy to just carry it in stores/libraries etc- that’s a 24x3 so you should have no problems carrying a 20"-er.

Two good ways to carry it are-

with fingers tucked into space between wheel and fork top, unicycle vertical.

holding the outer fork, unicycle horizontal-ish, wheel against hip (a bit like a guitar case).

Specific pedal positions are relevant to both to prevent hitting leg against pedal.

When propping uni against counters etc, pedal position needs some thought.

When standing in queue I’ve found it good to have wheel sideways on (ie at ninety degrees to angle it is when being ridden) where it can be put between feet so it doesn’t roll. As queue moves forward in small increments you can ‘shimmy’ each foot alternately forwards with out having to lift the uni.

Lastly, and you probably know this already, but it took me several years of trying to prop my unicycle against walls before I realised- turn it upside down so the seats on the ground.

And start saving for a 24x3 because for city center pavement commuting with the option of some occasional short cut fun, they excell :slight_smile:

I Dont really see how you can lock the seat in… Plus, that would leave it open to take the rest of the unicycle, leaving just a seat. When I lock mine, I just lock the wheel. All of my unicycles have allen key seat clamps though.

When i go long distance and i need to carry my unicycle (maybe on a big bicycle) i simply take a strap from a bag and attach it too a spoke and the seat post. of course the pedals need to be in a certain way if this is gonna work. after that you just throw it up around your shoulder and hopefully your good to go (works for me)

I hope you all can understand my english, its not the best

Nope, the man said “collage” and he’s going to collage. He’s really cut up about it, but I’m sure he’ll stick at it.:smiley:

24" unicycle bag? Checkout 24" drum cymbal cases!

For anyone considering traveling with a 24" unicycle, the music industry makes nice soft or rigid cases for 24" cymbals that “might” be able to fit a 24" unicycle. Ofcourse, you will have to unscrew the cranks, seat post.

I haven’t done this yet, so I’m not 100% sure if this will work. I’m curious if anyone has done it.


But if ur riding around school, it will be a pain to screw the cranks on and off. If only the cranks would click on like the seat clamps, but that would prolly not make it very solid. when I lived in DK, I mostly just used a bike lock to attach the uni to a post when I went to the supermarket. Here in NL, noone can be trusted and everybody steals everything, so either I can choose to go by 20", for which the shop is too far or 26", as I don’t have 24", but that is too big to take into the shop with me.

Unicycle backpack

I’ve use a small but quality backpack to carry my unicycle on my motorcycle. I take both the pedals and seat off and place them, along with a wrench, in the backpack then I simply strap the unicycle to the outside. If I was walking I would have my helmet just hanging off the back.