How can a unicycle be eaten

We were able to eat a unicycle tonight at our club breakup

Enjoy the picture and savour the view, One of the mums made a tray of them

Yum. And better than Wholesale Jewelry for sure.

Take that farikwatsn

that made me want one!

cool cupcake!

My wife has made unicycle cookies for the Albany, NY Muni Race for the past few years.


Wow–Got to add those to my unicycle food pix collection! :slight_smile:

I didn’t even know there was an annual Albany MUni race. Very nice! I suppose the cupcakes with the SSS pattern on them represent getting a pinch flat?

It’s sometimes advertised as the “Schenectady, NY” Muni-Only race here on the forums. It’s right near Albany.

:stuck_out_tongue: The non-unicycle cookies were for my birthday which happened to be on the same weekend as the race for the past few years.

In case it’s not obvious, that other one’s the Schlumpf logo. :roll_eyes:


This year instead of a gingerbread house, my girls made a chocolate house. I felt it wasn’t complete until it had a chocolate unicycle.

Very nice! I like the watermelon seat. I just recently did a gingerbread house “contest” for a work thing. One of my teammates made a candy/cookie unicycle also. Will post a pic when I get them organized.

Meanwhile, here’s my 40th birthday party cake (2002).


Does this count?

These were sent to me by Dustin Kelm, on a trip he did to Thailand a few years back. And they were tasty! :slight_smile:


Here’s an even older unicycle cake, from the year 2000. Wedding rehearsal cake:
Saddle: Bundt cake
Frame: Hostess Ho-Ho’s
Pedals (okay, pedal): Kit-Kats


yall are going to make me fat!

As part of a balanced diet, of course.

Is that a ‘Sitky’ tire? :stuck_out_tongue:

its a eat all sitky!

I do not know the reference to Sitky. I think it was more of a sticky tire. By the radial spokes, I would have to label the wheel as a Semcycle though. :slight_smile:

With a lot of broken teeth :smiley:

:):smiley: (Big grin on its own doesn’t work, too few characters?)