How can a fix my pedals?

ok well i have a crappy unicycle 150 canadian dollar norco. And im not sure what other pedals are like but mine screw on anf theyre plastic. After a while of pedaling the begin to unscrew and i find myself having to tighten them alot. Anyone have a solution?

Turn the seatpost around, so its like you’re pedalling backwards. The pedals should have L and R written on them, as well as the cranks. Make sure they match up.

yeah, or else you just ride the pedals right off.

well riding them off might mean buy new ones… i think that was what he was meaning. DO NOT ACTUALLY RIDE THEM OFF. becasue when they get loose like that they tend to strip the threading in the crank arm. Well the norco cranks only cost like 10 to replace it is still a very bad idea (who wants to waste money?). just make sure you are riding with the right crank on the right side, and the left on the left.

The right pedal has a right hand thread. That means it’s clockwise to tighten, like the lid of a jar, or a normal nut and bolt.

The left pedal has a left hand thread. That’s anticlockwise (US = counterclockwise?) to tighten.

If the pedals are on the wrong sides, then they will unwind in normal use.

The crank arms may be stamped L and R. If not, then the pedals may be stamped L and R - usually on the end of the threaded bit that gies into the crank arm (so look from the back of the crank arm).

If they are on the wrong sides, the proper cure is to remove the cranks and refit them correctly. The easy cure is to turn the seat round!

For a properly set up unicycle, the gap in the seat clam is at the back. As a unicycle frame is symmetrical, this is more to do with looks than function.

If your pedals are properly fitted (nip them tight with a 15 mm spanner) but not overtightened, and they are on the correct sides, they should not loosen in normal use.

If they are loosening in normal use, it is possible that the threads are damaged.

If you do lots of idling, reversing, or drops, you may loosen the pedals. It’s a wise precaution to check them from time to time.

Replacing your pedals is a simple and highly effective upgrade for your unicycle. A good pair of grippy pedals will give you more control, and therefore more power. When I first fitted pinned platforms to my MUni, it was a revelation!

Re: How can a fix my pedals?

On Fri, 5 Aug 2005 13:43:20 -0500, “Mikefule” wrote:

>If they are on the wrong sides, the proper cure is to remove the cranks
>and refit them correctly. The easy cure is to turn the seat round!

And the most proper is to have everything correctly aligned. So the
choice between the two cures as per above is to check if the frame is
backwards too. Most frames are directional in that they have a slit in
the seat tube permitting the clamp to squeeze enough to hold the seat
post in position. This slit should be on the rear. The clamp mechanism
should be in the rear as well.

Mind you that many tyres are directional too. If they have a >>>>
profile, the points of the v’s should hit the riding surface first.
That way, water is expelled outwards (I’m not sure if that is the main
argument though).

So, the directional items on most unicycles (not counting the
unicyclist) include tyre, cranks, pedals, frame, seat clamp and seat.
Oh and a brake if you have one: it sits usually behind the frame.

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