how big of uni should i get?

hey im looking at the Torker Unistar LX and i dont know if i should go with the 20’’ or the 24’’ I would like to do free style and just dink around with tricks but also i need to learn on this and and i want to ride it to work and stuff would a 20’’ ve to small to da that and be to much work to pedal?


if you are wanting to ride it longer distances go with the 24 inch.

Haha, how far away from work do you live? I mean, I’m in good shape, and I start getting winded after 4 or 5 blocks. I can’t imagine riding to and from work, and I work about 12 blocks away from my house!

For learning, I suggest the 24 inch. Especially since you aren’t going to do trials on the LX.

I live like 8-10 blocks away from work and if i get the 24’’ is it harder to do jump up on stuff and do tricks? and im in pretty good shape

on a 24 inch you will be able to ride to work much more easily, and also will be able to do some jumping and stuff. I would recommend starting with the 24 inch and then if you decide you want to do more street/trials type of stuff get a 20 inch.

The great thing about torker lx is that it’s cheap. I just learned on a 24" and am kind of wishing I has a 20" for tricks. I figure, the 24" was better to learn on (and to take me the 5-6 blocks to class) and maybe in a few months I’ll invest in a 20".


i have no idea how long a block to you guys is, but when i was first learining i could only go 1/2 a mile on my 20" (if you ride to and from work everyday it will become easy)

20" wheels are much more maneuverable for jumps and such, I personally like them better

not sure but it seems easier for ppl to learn on a 24"


Re: how big of uni should i get?

On Sat, 22 Apr 2006 21:43:50 -0500, theriault_honda wrote:

>hey im looking at the Torker Unistar LX and i dont know if i should go
>with the 20’’ or the 24’’ I would like to do free style and just dink
>around with tricks but also i need to learn on this

I definitely recommend a 20" for you. It’s easier to learn riding on,
moreover almost all freestyle and tricks are easier (to learn and to
do) on a 20".

Riding not too big distances is surely doable on a 20", it just takes
somewhat more time (but not excessively so). But also a 24" is not
ideal for distance riding. A 24" with a (semi-)slick tyre is often
seen as a compromise: it can do both tricks/freestyle and getting
around, but excels at none. A slick 24" was my first uni but now
hardly gets any use because I have specialed unis for several
purposes. 28/29" is better for distance and 36" is even better.

You can always buy another unicycle. What’s more: if unicycling clicks
with you, you’re more than likely to collect several!

20" all the way bro

How big is your average block?? We don’t have blocks down here, so I’m having trouble visualising that kind of distance.

On my 20", I average about 10km/h (~6.2mph) - how long would it take to ride a block at that speed?

Maby a couple minuts or so depends on the block lol

And why some of you say its easier to learn on a 24’’ rather than a 20’’?

Given identical cranks, then at a given rpm (cadence) then a true 24 will be 20% faster than a 20.

However, on the larger wheel, it is generally possible to maintain a higher average cadence because it smooths out minor bumps and hollows along the way. So for commuting, a 24 will be 1/5 to 1/4 faster than a 20 - a noticeable difference.

With short cranks and determination, a 24 can be a fast long distance machine. I’ve done 15 miles on one a few times and 24 on one once.

However, the 20 will be more versatile for “playing” rather than “riding”.

dont really know much but i recently had the exact same problem, i went for a 24" coz i have been told that with persistance i will be able to do most of the tricks if not all an i can get arond a bit quicker and sweat less in the process of commuting which its a bonus.
I was also swayed coz i live (when bac at home) near a woods so im gona try out some real muni, but i do live in a city the rest of the year so a 20" would have been cool.
so get one of them an by the other in a couple months sorted;)

ok Im going to go with a Torker Unistar LX and I was thinking I could go with the 24’’ then when I get better and more advance get a 20’’ for the 24’’ frame would that work and how hard is it to switch tires like re spoke them?


Well, you would need a new tire and a new rim. Putting the tire on is really easy. Rebuilding the wheel is harder. I would recomend learning on the 24" LX then once you are good, decide if you want to upgrade to a MUni (like a 24" Torker DX or a KH) or a Trials (20" KH, Bedford). Decide what you want to do then make the investment. Get the 24" LX.