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My el cheapo 20" uni’s saddle is only 10"-11" from front to back and I always feel I’m slipping off the front of it. Should I invest in a new one? Picking up from other threads I get the feeling that the KH would be the one to go for…

I’ll probably want to upgrade/replace the whole unicycle in due course, but as I’m only up to about 14 hours in total that’s not going to be for a little while yet.



What saddle do you currently have? Is it listed at

I doubt it very much. The uni was purchased from - you can see it here though my saddle looks much flatter than the one shown in the pic. Mind you, the frame and wheel are different to the uni shown!


My KH measures 11 inches from front to back. You may want to loosen the 4 retaining bolts under the saddle and slide it forward on the slots if your seatpost is slotted. This will angle the front of the saddle slightly upward.

Tim, that saddle looks OK as for size and curvature. You do know what is front and what is back, don’t you? The inset picture on your link obviously shows the front on the right, but the large picture has the front on the left - this may have confused you. The high side of the seat is the front. The frame, tyre, cranks and pedals are directional too and obviously all have to match.

  • Frame: slit in seat tube, and seat post clamp are both on the back
  • Tyre: may have arrow, alternatively if it has a V profile the point of the V hits the ground first. If none, it doesn’t matter.
  • Cranks: often have an L and/or an R stamped on them
  • Pedals: ditto.

From that picture it looks like you can change the seat angle at will (loosen the bolt, change tilt, fasten bolt). So if you feel like slipping off the front consistently, tilt it up some more. Krashin’ Kenny suggested that too, but I think he assumed a different seat post than you actually have.

Hope this helps,
Klaas Bil

Thanks Kenny and Klaas for your suggestions. As I mentioned in my original post the photo does not show my actual uni - my saddle is much flatter [1] than the one shown, hence why I’m probably slipping off it. The seat isn’t on bars [2] but I can move the post back 5mm approx which may make a difference.


[1] Probably (I’ve stuck some additional foam onto it to make it more comfortable) only 1" max of curvature ie. lowest point is 1" below the highest point

[2] A baseplate with four bolt holes is welded to the top of the post - these screw directly into the saddle. WIll this work with different saddles?

It sounds as though your baseplate is slotted, so you shoud have some adjustment there. If the holes in the baseplate are the same distance apart in the front and back, most saddles will fit on it. If the 2 hlles in the front are closer togehter than the 2 holes in the back, only a Miyata saddle will fit on that seatpost. Just for reference, my KH saddle has almost 2" of curvature.

OK I misread that, I thought it was only your frame and wheel that were different.

You mean below the line connecting the TWO highest points? That sounds like too flat indeed.

Yes this may do the trick. Of course only if the baseplate is curved (which it usually is), otherwise it would be a minor difference.

If the manufacturer has conformed to a standard: yes. Note that there are two bolt patterns in existence, I think one for Miyata and one for all others that have a four bolt design. Do a search for “bolt pattern” and you will likely find the layout of the bolt holes. Kris Holm seats are very good, especially if you want seat curvature!

Klaas Bil

I think I’m going to have to invest in a KH - but the crazy thing is by the time you include postage it’s as much as the whole uni cost new! But I’m hoping it’ll make the whole riding experience much more enjoyable!


It’s not all that crazy. I don’t know about the quality of this uni but judging from the price you have to be careful with it or you’ll break it. In the latter event (well, in any case), you can reuse the KH seat on your next uni*. So your use of the word “invest” was appropriate. Moreover, you’ll love it.

Klaas Bil

  • If you call or e-mail Roger of, you can most likely order a new unicycle without a seat.

Thanks for the tip!