how big have you gone?

I want to know what are the biggest drops you have done? please i want to know. you know mine is 7’ you got the picture.


would like to see that picture plz ( and i’ve only done up tp 5 ) :angry: I need a better uni to go bigger


never mind :stuck_out_tongue:

ive only done about 4.5 feet where ive acually stopped to drop but i am frequently able to get around the 6’ mark when i speed up and ride off this one super steep hill. and i have so far been able to get 1 foot of air form riding off of a slope rock.


P.S. it looks like you are somewhere in the west, if you are in Nevada let me know and well ave to session sometime

4 feet is my max I did it 2x and my crank broke. I havent done anything that big since. I cant afford to replace cranks or bend hubs. But I’m confident that I could do 4 feet+ with good equipment. I now try to limit myself to 3 footers.



I dont really see the point of doing a huge ass drop.Sure its great and all if u have the parts ! :astonished:


I have done 5ft or 6ft drops on my old MUni with a suzue and bicycle euro’s. This led to the destruction of the cranks and hub, so i didn’t do any big drops anymore. Now that i have profiles i can do drops again, on my trials! :astonished:

Well 7 feet is pretty high and all, but I’ve done drops that are a whopping 6 inches! Oh yeah! :smiley:


That is way nice you guys. That is huge! i was scared to do that drop. it takes guts to do them. I only landed that drop a few times. it is hard to land it. sorry if i have been rude about this but I just want people to get to know me. i love unicycling.


I’ve nailed the down-curbs thing and a few 12ish inch drops, not successful on a 24 foot try a couple times.

I went hop happy, was practicing side hopping, felt a big flex and now my rim looks like it’s about 1 hop away from a taco. It’s in my best interest to not go for any “big” 24 inchers again until I get a real rim, and tire, and hub, and…

At least this thing is still ridable. I now know why they say you destroy your first uni. :slight_smile: But I’m having fun doing it.

I keep telling myself: Got to get a MUni before Moab, got to get a MUni before Moab, go to get a MUni before Moab.

4 feet seat in and 4.5 seat out.both landing on flat concrete,ouch that hurts my ankles.

The largest i’ve done is 7 feet on my MUni to slant landing, and about 6 feet on my trials to flat. I haven’t really tried any higher, but i landed both fairly easily.


My 27 year old ass has landed 3 footers. That’s good enough for me. (Any more, I’m nervous my uni or spine will break)

You big droppers out there blow my mind!

Yah… I feel kinda wimpy cause I have the equiptment to push 5 feet but… my current record is 4.5 and thats difficult… I’m working on it. I guess I just need the guts to try it a few times to be sure the profiles can handle it. I KNOW they can but I don’t KNOW they can, ya know?


accually that really hurt my ankles (SKATE OR DIE)they still hurt now. my ass is 30 in 2 weeks Sofa…

Dont worry i did the 6’ by accident because i wasnt paying attention to what i was doing, I flew down it and i almost landed it. So i went back and it took me a while but i as able to finally land it a few times, and i still do it occasionally today.

are we counting drops or landings?
i don’t actualy carry a tape mesure with me, and i know that the mind seems to add an extra 3/4 foot to any given drop in the re-telling, so i won’t speculate as to my biggest drops(landed) although one of my favourite practice spots has a 5ft (non exagerated) drop that i can land 9/10 times onto concrete.

I find the mind adds an extra three feet when you’re at the top of it, thinking whether you can do it or not. One of the largest drops I’ve ever done looked dead scary from the top, but looks quite puny when you see it on video…

Phil, just me

about 12 in. on a unicycle but I’ve done an (at least) 6 foot on a bike and a 11 step drop on skates which was close to 6 ft. Does that count? :slight_smile:

Oh yeah? Well I can’t top those 4-,5-,6-, and 7-foot drops, but I can do about 3 without breaking anything. And my uni takes it ok, too.

This is on the cheap, no-name suzue-look-alike hub uni with the 28-hole rim and 20" tire (Kenda K-Rad 20"x2.125", of course). AND to complete the ensemble, I have those oh-so-loveable 130mm cranks that are made by Lasco. Booya. And they say you need at least a 36-hole rim for a 20 incher. And they also say Lasco cranks bend all the time. Pah.