how big do you need to be to reach coker pedals?

I’ve been riding a 26er for about 4 months now and I would like to get on a coker 36 or a nimbus 36.

My inseam is only 31 inches, are any of you guys or gals out there my size riding a 36er. I’d love to upgrade to one, but I don’t know if I could reach the pedals.


I have a 32-inch inseam and still have about 2 or 3 inches of exposed seat post so you should be able to ride.

I don’t know about inseams, but my girlfriend is 5’2" or so, and she rides a N-32 with the seat post holder cut down by about 1.5".


I think you should be fine.

I’m 5ft 2" with very short legs. I expect my inseam is much less than yours. I needed a special coker frame when I was riding with 150 mm cranks but was OK on 125s.

I don’t think you need a special frame; taking a Nimbus 36 and cutting the seat post holder down a bit should suffice. Here’s a picture of Louise’s uni, which she comfortably rides with 152’s:


I agree re the Nimbus. I have a Nimbus 36 with rail adapter thingy and I think Roger cut down the frame at the top a little. But it was only because of the rail adapter that the frame needed cutting. the ordinary N36 frame would have fitted with a normal seatpost.

31" should be no problem. My son started when he was 4’11" tall - don’t know the inseam but it was less than 31". The seat had to be down all the way (standard Coker) and he had to use 125mm cranks, but it worked great. Here are some photos: It’s hard to imagine that was 4 years ago.


THanks for the pics guys. I really liked the color and “handlebar” On yours Corbin and what agreat thing to do with your son Nathan. I really liked the riding away shot.

my god, Beau looks so young in those pictures!

Thanks for all the posts guys. That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear. Now all I have to do decide which 36er to get. I acctually ride my uni to work so I need all the wheel I can get.