how big are your feet?

I have the smallest feet ever!well no but i am nearly 6 ft and i am only a 7 in most shoes.I was looking @ shoes yesterday tried them on and i asked 4 a seven and the guy who was like 5.1 had bigger feet then me!:frowning:

In UK sizes my feet are eleven

im 5’9 and i wear size 13

I have the most ticklish feet ever, thats my big weakness

i wear size 13 too


I have size 11 and im 5’10

6’3" and size 13

5’ 11", size 13.

5’10", size 12ish

5’10 i wear size 12 U.S.A


i smash my feet into the smallest shoes i can squeeze a 42 but im always looking to have a size 7.5 wrap around my hoof.

I’m pushing 6’1" and I wear a 13.

6’1" ish and i wear either a 12 or 13 depending on the shoe.


I don’t know how tall I am, but I’m, a short arse (well under 6’) and I wear UK size 9s