How are the Bedfords?

Hello Everyone,
I’m new to the muni scene and looking to buy a mountain unicycle. I saw on a
Calgary based site some info about Bedford Unicycles made out of Toronto.
I’m just wandering if anyone has tried them or what your opinion is on them.
Thanks for the time.

I have a Bedford frame, but my stock unicycle wheelset. I was at the Toronto bike show this spring and saw alot of his Uni’s, and alot of guys doing drops and trials. His frames fit a 24 or 26 x2.6" tire (and I’m sure he has smaller ones)

I got my Uni from, and after exchange and shipping (to Canada) it came to roughly $500. Had I known about Bedford Unicycles then (and also what I really wanted in a uni) it would have cost me $300 for a better one! If you live in Canada, you can’t beat this price.

I’ve had my Bedford for a while now and like it very much. I use a 24"x1.75 for learning stuff and playing around on, a 24"x2.1 for street riding and a 24"x2.6 Stout for muni. The only problem I’ve had was to have the wheel re-trued after about 30 days which is normal.
It’s a great entry level uni. Give it a shot. is the website and from reading in this forum, it should be up and running in the next several weeks.

I am looking for a cheap but well built frame to handle a 3.0 tire. has the Nimbus II available very soon that does this for supposedly 35 USD. I may get this frame but, I am rather curious at what Bedford has to offer.

Right now, that address just has the static home page.

Work the maze.

i dont know if “well made” is quite rite but cheap with a “flat grippy crown” and “cheap” sounds very good.

the money is in the wheel and cranks

“flat grippy crown” blah,blah,blah and brake bosses would be even better!!!

-formerly npaps

Thanks for the opinions.
I checked out and with currency exchange and import taxes their prices are fairly high. So, I’ll probably get one from Bedford like you recommended Sofa.