How are double chain giraffe unicycles superior to single chain?


I’ve always assumed that it is a safety measure. If one falls off, the other continues to drive the wheel and you don’t fall. I could be wrong, though.

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I always assumed that too, but, recently was talking to a (double chain) giraffe rider, and he reckons that if a chain goes on a double, you’re coming off anyway.

One suggested benefit to the double chain is symetry i.e. less likely to scew the hub- don’t know how true that is.

I think it’s all about bending forces through the frame.

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two chains won’t twist the frame like one chain will.

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I think it’s less about a “chain falling off” and more about a chain breaking. Chain failure on a giraffe would be seriously dangerous.

Between that, less frame flex (always pulling to one side) and the likelihood of less chain lash when changing directions, two chains would be better.

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Just had a thought- if it is true that a chain breaking on a double chain giraffe is as dangerous as the chain breaking on a single chainer- then, arguably, wouldn’t a double chainer actually be less safe than a single?

Because, having 2 chains, there’s double the chance of a breakage.

… but half the stress per chain, dramatically reducing chance of failure.

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  • They look cooler
  • Less torque on the frame (the frame will still get torqued front-to-back, but not to the side)
  • 50% reduction of stress on each chain virtually eliminates worries of chain breakage
If one chain were to break or come off, I don't see that it would effect the other one. Also, on 5-6' giraffes, chain coming off is seldom a problem unless the chain is visibly very loose.
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