How about these shoes?

After repeatedly smacking my ankles on the cranks of my unicycle, I have decided that I need some ankle protection. I know some of you wear high tops to protect your ankles, so I started looking on the internet and found these, Airwalk Vics, on Eastbay:

Airwalks are the only shoes I feel confident buying off the internet since I know I wear an 8. I bought some 661 shoes in a size 8 off ebay and they are too big.

Anyway, do you think these would be good shoes for unicycling and offer good protection of the ankles? I wish there was a picture of the soles to see what the tread is like, but it’s probably ok.


Why not just get some 661 Ankle Biters and turn your favorite low top shoes into armored ankle protecting high tops. I use the Ankle Biters when I muni with low tops.

Another option…especially if you’re riding off-road, is to use some sort of soccer shin/ankle protection combo. I just picked up a pair of Nike guards I’m pretty happy with, which have some great ankle padding. Here’s the location for my review:


Well, I was thinking that maybe high tops would prevent sprained ankles. Would they? Because I sprained my ankle a year ago and it’s a real pain and I’ve come close to doing it again a couple of times. But if they wouldn’t help with that then I might as well get the ankle biters or something similar. I’m definitely not spending $70 on Active ankles.


One revisionist thought on my previous recommend–the ankle protection padding on the Nike Tri-guards is good on the outside of the ankles. It doesn’t really have much on the inside, so if that’s where you’re hitting yourself on your cranks, it’s probably not going to be a solution for you.

How about this:
sierra lite hiking boot
They are cut low at the achiles just like the one you show. So you can comfortably point your foot (ankling up a tough hill).

I prefer the knobby tread because it grabs the pedal. With less knobbies, my foot will bump right off the pedal, or at least out of position.

My Running Shoes are knobby but are too spongy and my foot shifts and wobbles. Besides, they don’t have any lateral support.

This kind of light hiker typically has a steel shank. And they will protect your ankles from banging the cranks and also from spraining from UPDs.

I [heart] them.

High tops might help a bit, but nothing like a brace. I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago on my first ever group Muni ride, and suddenly the Active Ankles didn’t seem so expensive. I got a pair for $70 Canadian at VSP Sports. Actually the store is here in Ottawa so I went in and tried them on, but they sell online too.

They’re super comfortable for a brace - much better than the old lace-up braces I used to (not) wear for soccer. I hardly notice them when I’m riding. The support is about like a skate-skiing boot; you can feel it as soon as the ankle starts rolling over.

I found a study while researching braces that suggests Active Ankles might work better with low-tops. They thought it might be because it was harder to snug them up with high tops.

They protect against bumps, too, and help keep my leg armour up.


I just got a pair of Intense Grip shoes and I like them alot so far. I havent had time to do a proper review but they are a Mid to high top hiking boot, covers the ankle fully. Has a flat sole with Sticky climbing rubber that has some CRAZY traction.

My frist impression was I thought my old shoes had alot of grip (Vans Rowley XLT) I had my old beat up pedals that have little remanes of pins in them and my feet were planted solid. So when I changed it up to my DK’s I had a hard time moving my foot once they were on the pedal. It was great.

You might want to look into these shoes I think they Retail for $80

good to hear good things about intense, I liked the looks of thier shoe but decided to get 661 launches instead. how do they fit compaired to the vans? do you wear the same size?

I wear a size 10 normally, and the Intense seemed to be a half size big on me. I dont really mind at all but others might. I didnt have the option of trying them on I just ordered them blindly from my Sponcering LBS. I really like them so far but have only had them for 4 days and 2 of which I rode for 14hrs or so so not too much time in them over all. I’ll write up a full report on them for in a few weeks.