how about a new forum?

thinking along the same lines as unifreak with the serious idea

how about you make a new forum about topical extreme unicycling.

you probably have to put muni in there too as well as trials and street.

that way… serious riders need only apply.

just dont forget about rec sport.

just a suggestion.


a lot of topics discussed would not be easily viewed…what if something important regarding cranks came up in the street forum, that a muni rider would not be checking out?

I really like the way things are now. You can still be as extreme as you want in this forum.

nah just put an extreme forum

nothing specific

I think it would be rather pointless. Why don’t you just post stuff about ‘extreme’ riding in here?

I don’t see why you should leave freestyle out… maybe because it’s not as dangerous in some aspects. If a new one was to be made i think it would be pure riding discussion, so it didn’t get filled up with maintenance help and stuff like that, I think it could work better. Might also be good to try and keep the 'how do I" threads out aswell. So maybe a share your riding experiences forum.

Until that day, or instead of it, in the meantime you can concentrate on using meaningful subject lines. Examples of bad subject lines:

tricks and stuff
9 footer
ultimate wheel help :slight_smile:
hey gilby
Bedford for sale
Muni / Trials
4th Day

Those are really lame. There is a better way. This can save you from reading stuff you don’t want to read. Here are some examples of more specific topics:

best trials pedal?
My Viscount airseat conversion!!
How did you get started?
California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, Sept. 17-19
Can’t find whitewall 24 x 1 3/4 tire
Filming: Natural Trials, Hamilton Oct 17, still on

When you look at those, you pretty much know what’s going to be talked about in there.

If we were to add a forum, I think my first choice would be to separate out how-to’s from other conversation. That’s the stuff people are more likely to want to save, and to be able to look up when they need help. Not just how to ride, but how to loctite your cranks, build an air seat, etc.

Another separation could be made for just the topics of Trials and Street. But don’t get the idea it would be for “serious” riders only; it would be for people who want to talk about Trials and Street. That’s a big chunk of the conversations here, so it might make a nice sub-category.

For a third, I’d really like to see a kid’s area. This would be great for the kids, to keep some of the more irrelevant conversation away from the useful stuff. But you can’t get people to post in the right forums, even with the ones we’ve got.

The reason why we’ve resisted breaking it down by category is the existence of the single newsgroup, If we divide up, we lose the relevance of our gateway. I don’t know what the user ratio is (that would be interesting to find out), but a lot of people still use the newsgroup, and they would be cut off if we broke the forums down into categories.

Unless someone wants to work on the process of adding more newsgroups?

Personally I like just having one form. When i go to sites with one topic divided into several groups it takes longer to find what I want. Also i think new members might get confused as to which form to use. I have Rec.Sport.Unicycling in my favorites and like to just click it and see all the stuff people are talking about. It seems to me it would be a lot of trouble to be switching from form to form just to see the different sub categories of unicycling.

I vote for UNIty!

We don’t need any “us vs. them” thinking in this community… i.e. “we” are more serious riders than “they” are… that’s high-school mentality and it’s bullsh!t.

We all have ONE passion: riding ONE wheel! UNIty! All-one! All-one! (damn, the Dr. Bronners soap is getting to me)

the only logical reason of why we would need another forum is because it takes too long to sift through rec.unicyclist to find other extreme unicyclists. personally, i think thats rediculous. how many new threads are there a day? 15? i would hardly say that rec.unicycling is clogged with beginner unicyclists that are impeding your quest to become a uni-master or whatever it is you aspire to become.

i just did a test. it took me 3 minutes to go through every single thread on the front page of rec.unicycling and find the ones pertaining to just extreme unicycling, no maintenance or anything else. if we made it into two forums, it would only take 1.5 minutes to go through every new thread…but at the cost of dividing a community that relies on its unity to promote its sport…


why not have different forums for different styles?

street,trials,muni,FREESTYLE for those who think its forgotten.

and if someone has a trials or muni question they know were to go:D


Re: how about a new forum?

On Mon, 11 Oct 2004 11:52:39 -0500, “johnfoss” wrote:

>I don’t know what the user
>ratio is (that would be interesting to find out), but a lot of people
>still use the newsgroup, and they would be cut off if we broke the
>forums down into categories.
The user ratio development from the inauguration of the web-based
forum until end of 2003 is here
<> (bottom two pictures). I
hesitate to say that, though, since it may not lend very much punch to
John’s point, but I for one am heavily dependent on the newsgroup.
Including, incidentally, my ability to make these statistics in the
first place.

>Unless someone wants to work on the process of adding more newsgroups?
Yikes no, as if multiple newsgroups on the “same” subject are
convenient if only they are added.

I for one am against sub-fora!
Exclamation mark!

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“I (…) made it without dying, which means mere mortals can do it. - John Foss”

I think deviding stuff into sections would be helpfull…
But I think it would get too complicated, now pretty much everyone talks to eachother, but if it got devided into muni, trials etc soon many people would loose contact from others. Like all muni people would stick together and not talk to the trials people anymore. I guess if you wanted to find specific stuff it’d be good, but I am fine with how it is now.

I dunno I suck at explaining myself

EDIT: oh yeah I also agree with John Foss - things NEED to be better titled. PLEASE

Dividing the forum out into a bunch of sub-forums just means you have to go into that many more forums to read all the post…no thanks.

why the hell would it divide the community?

i dont get it.

extreme unicycling is much different to normal unicycling.
but you dont have to ignore rec. sport. for those who like answering and posing problems about learning how to hop etc. can still do that in rec sport if they want.

i didnt really specify how extreme.

another sugestion…

instead of serious riders apply…

serious questions are answered.

would it be more time consuming?

I reckon the way to go about doing it would be something like the gmail label system.

That way people could just tick something when they post and then when people are browsing the forum they can either click “MUni” and then only the MUniing topics are displayed… or “Trials” and only Trials topics are displayed etc.

You’d also have the option of “Show all” to see all the threads at once… and of course the skull and crossbones could come up next to extreme threads.



Would this sort of thing be very do-able?

Good Idea

I think that’s a great idea if it would work and wouldn’t be too hard to do.

I don’t get it. What seperates “extreme” unicycling from trials, MUni, freestyle or whatever? Is unicycling only extreme when you do two meter drops and or constantly breaking cranks, seatposts, etc. I can see where some riders might not consider freestyle “extreme” but trials and MUni? Could someone please define “extreme” unicycling?

My eyes! It burns!

Put me down for another vote against sub-fora. On my daily check of the group there’s usually a page and a half or so of threads with new posts; to scan through the lot to see which ones I want to read takes all of thirty seconds, if that. Extra forums would just make the whole thing cumbersome, as I’d spend more time moving from one to another than reading the things in the first place.

Lots of people are into the whole range of stuff anyway; you’d end up with most people reading everything anyway, so there’s no advantage in splitting it up.

The only filtering you need is a decent subject line. You can easily see which threads you want to read, and when searching for old threads you have a hope in hell of finding them.