Hovering newbie - first post

I have been sitting non-actively on this group for about 4 months
while waiting for mu Uni to arrive and then learning to ride it. I
live in Nottingham, and it took me about 4 weeks until I could
freemount (not every go of course), and ride decent enough distances
before UPDs. I learnt on grass, not the most level either - but I
think that helped and the landings were softer.

I can now, after 3 and a half months, freemount about 90% of time and
I am just getting the hang of idling - record is 30 pendulum swings
(stopped only because dominant leg got too tired). Idling is
something that took weeks before I got it - went through the stage of
thinking I will never improve then miraculously I did !

I had many falls in first 2 weeks of learning, scraped shins, bruised
calfs, UPDs a plenty, but now I cant remember last time I fell off -
guess I got to learn when to jump off!

I am also a juggler - just a bit and have tried 3 balls while riding
for brief distances - mainly just to see if I could - and I couldn’t
really, although I did about 5 throws.

I am 36 and wish I bought one years ago, have always been interested,
but finally got to have a go at a juggling / circus skills course
which gave me the bug. I am well impressed with all this Muni stuff
and trials, and have downloaded some of the videos on the internet -
crazy + brave people out there.

Aim to skill myself before next Unicycle convention in England, I am
definitely going to attend, don’t know when/where next one is.

Hooked enough to consider buying a better quality 24" Uni.

I love my Uni!

Tony - Nottingham, England.

Re: Hovering newbie - first post

good of u to pop in, welcome!

a situation that will be remedied by more practise and esp. focusing on placing (and keeping) your weight on the seat
the down-leg should only have to exert enough force to move the uni to-and-fro, not carry your body weight as well

welcome to the wonderfull world of the non-linear learning curve
get to know it and get to like it
u’ll meet again

oh, double welcome, brother!
dont be put off by all these new age unicyclers who frown upon juggling
some of us do still admit to it in public
a handy way of practising toward juggling-and-riding and juggling-and-idling is to practise riding (and idling) with your arms crossed in front of u
this gets u used to maintaining your balance without waving your arms around too badly
allowing u to use them for juggling (swinging poi, twirling batons, playing the banjo,…knock yourself out:p )

'tis time to say goodbye to life as u knew it

to quote harper, preach it brother!

from your lurking days i take it u know about the search function for searching thru the archives for previous discussions on particular topics and u know that u can ask any questions right here?


Welcome, Tony. Your progress sounds good and I, for one, am glad to have another person with some interest in the circus arts aspect of unicycling join us.

However your interests evolve you will find plenty of folks here ready to concur, debate, or ramble aimlessly, sometimes grammatically, and at great length. And even provide some good advice on occasion.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Welcome! I’m a newbie here too (little less than 3 monts unicycling, about a week in this forum), but have found a lot of useful information from here. Just got my first 24" (Nimbus II 2003. Unicycle.uk.com). I’m going to plant a 3" Gazza on it. Here I come rocks and roots.

I can juggle too. Four balls for about 200 catches with a little effort even though I haven’t juggled too much lately. I could do Mill’s Mess and some similar easier tricks with three balls. I also have a sire devil stick, but I have never had the courage to light it up. Maybe I will one day try unicycling with the burning devil stick. Juggling is nice and I have done about 30 catches while driving around.


As a slow learner, I am constantly amazed by people who learn to idle in only a few weeks. I am still working on idling and backward riding.

I, too, like to juggle. I am not as good with 4 balls as Joona, but I am working on it. I can juggle 3 for 30+ catches while riding forward (that’s about the length between bushes on the sidewalk that runs down the back of my place).

Keep us posted on your progress (even though it makes me jealous:) ).


I live in Nottingham, England, as does Gary (in this forum known as ‘Unicus’). I don’t have as much time as I’d like for riding, these days, but feel free to contact me for a ride.

Mike Wilkinson


Before you continue juggling and driving, you might want to read this study first.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ