Houston Riders

I’ve been in Houston this summer and I’m wondering how much uni activity goes on here. Is there a club? Any trials riders? I’d even like to ride some coker.

you need to talk to houston-jerry. email the austin list and jerry should respond. he has a coker and has also started a club. he brought a club member to duane’s house today for duane’s event.

by the way, are you coming back to austin for school?


I probably won’t get a chance to ride with them as I’ll be coming up this coming Saturday. Does anyone have photos from the ride at Duane’s house? I wish I could have made it. I’m looking forward to getting back to the meetings.

Re: Houston Riders

i’ve never seen another unicyclist in houston, but i didn’t know there was a club.

Were any Houston riders ever found?

I’ve got another all expense paid trip to visit the mess left by another bad girl: Hurricane Rita. Seems little sister, Rita, went and do what her big sister, Katrina, done.

May be all work and no play but if there any riders down that way send a PM.