House Hopping!

that would make a sick video

haha, i hope that was a joke, if not then a speddy recovery, cause you had to have been injured falling through the roof

Ummm, am I the only one who thinks this is a horrible idea? A: It doesn’t require much, if any skill. B: Roofs aren’t meant to take the forces of gaps and you run a good chance of doing serious damage to these innocent poeples’ homes. C. Anybody who knowingly compormises someone else’s personal living space for the sake of a mediocre video is pretty obnoxious. D: I don’t see any novelty in the move. I gapped from my roof to my neighbor’s roof (about a day before the neighbor’s roof was redone, with their permission), and it was totally nonplussing. Like, “oh, that was boring.”

Maybe I just don’t see the novelty because i live where almost-attached houses are the norm, and roofs aren’t sturdy enough to take the gaps.

Reminds me of the old saying: “Do as I say, not as I do.” :sunglasses:

I’ve ridden on the roof of my garage when we were building it and practiced some freestyle tricks:

did you end up doing this?

The house next door is for sale now and they’ve been showing it almost daily. I guess if I thought a potential buyer was bad, I could jump on mu own roof to scare 'em away from the sale! :smiley:

I ended up going to my ,iddle school, and climbed up on the roof, it was great fun riding up there, and because the school was built on a hill, the school slopes down like giant steps, so besides jumping from one awning to another (kinda scary being up there getting ready to gap lol) and going down the 2 and a halfish ledges that they have, that was the closest i did for my house hopping =p

At first I thought he said movie. That’s what it’s all about! If you do it, make sure the lighting is good, use a tripod, etc. We’re talking serious contender for America’s Funniest Home Videos, Max X, What Were You Thinking, etc!

California home roofs tend to be pretty weak. I remember riding around on the roof of my parents’ house long ago, but that was in Michigan where roofs actually have to support something other than a thin film of rain. Jump around on the roof of my current house and it’ll make cracks in the ceilings below, as well as possible other damage. I’ve had enough work already done on this roof to know.

So if you do it, wait for the right time of day with best lighting, and get the video right!

This made me laugh. Tell us again how old you are Terry?:smiley:

I’d worry slightly about pogoing and prehops in one area - those shingles in that area, being on a slope, could rip off depending on how well the roof was built. If the roofer didn’t nail that shingle in correctly it could slip down the roof, possibly as you are taking off, that could be dangerous. Shingles also aren’t meant to be strong when you shove UP towards the top of the roof on them, so if you are leaning strongly into your jump they could slip on the takeoff and send you straight down. Be careful.

wait wait wait wait wait is he going to do it or not who cares if the roof collapses hes wood insulation plaster floor stumps or foundation/concrete and then soft dirt what could possilbly go wrong?:smiley:

WHy can’t you be fearless at 50? (or STUPID!) I decided not to hop on mine or my neihbors roof because of potential damage to the roof, not so much myself!

I did hop on one of those really tall, long storage bins at a local soccer field. That was fun and scary because the top was corrugated and felt “bouncy”, flimsy and there was not much margin of error up there. Got that one on video too. Looks “tamer” than it was because you can’t actually see the surface that I’m hopping on.

Please get video of whatever you do! I say go for it. Your last vid was coooool! :sunglasses:

Here’s a really short (only 1 mb) video of me hopping on that big storage bin thing. Pretty lame but it was just something to do! :stuck_out_tongue:

go for it