Hours VS. Price


Only around 3 hours per week, since I’ve been busy lately during the daylight hours. I’d ride more if I had more light.

:smiley: you guys are kiddin right?

I have wrestling now, and still get in round 4 hours a day. then 6 or seven on a saturday.

Then 3 on a sunday (church events)

right around 25 hours usually a week.

Unicycling is my life literally.

idk how long ive been doing unicycling in hours, prolly a thousand on my DX, then a couple thousand on my 4 others each.

lol u get free unis
10 hours a week

15 hours

$475 USD

$500 bucks

~13 hours

about an hour or two on weekdays and a more on weekands, depending on if I have anything else to do.

$1300 canadian + countless hour of tweeking things up.
Depends on the season. In summer, at least three hours a day. In winter, probably around 2. So I guess 2.5h x 7 = 15.5h/week.

4-7 Hours

$1000 U.S. on My Muni

$400 on my Muni

Maybe 5 hours/week.

700 (won it) or 300(bought it)


Around 10 hours a week.

10-15hrs a week

And $800 on my trials.

Nice, i need 50 people to answer this Question, need some more… thanks

50 people? well good luck :smiley:

heres my contribution -

and about 12 hours a week

um lets see

235 or 210 (cant remeber how much it was)

maybe 10 minutes a week:( i rarely ride, plus its soo uncomfortable to ride on my ABC (Ass ball connection/Gooch)
i dunno why but yea

$466 KH 07
9-10 hours a week:(

currently 0/week, i’m lazy and it’s snowy.
summertime: 10 hrs/week.

ummm. shoot, it was way more than i wanted to spend but to get the stuff I wanted…
875ish USD
usually 15-20 hrs

3-5 hours a week

About 300$ AUS and 3-6 hours a week. This is a good thread, we should keep it going.

400 USD

15 - 20 hours a week