Hours VS. Price

Hey, i am doing a school project and i need to collect some data from you guys… so i just need to know many hours you ride your uni in a normal week… and the total amout you have spent on your unicycle (if more than 1 post the more expencive one, or the one u ride more often).

I will go first

800$ CDN

6 Hours a week

$700 USD

10 to 15 hours a week

Um, I am way new… but…

$100 US…

5-10 hours a week

~$500 CAD
10-15 Hours a week.

About 9 hours, maybe more maybe less

Um £220

What project you doing?

$700US, 10 hours

5 hours

5-10 hours/week

$250 USD
5-10 hours

8-15hrs but really depends on weather.

$1060 new zealand dollars

10-15 hours a week

My uni is always changing but for the parts that I have on it at the moment it was only about $220 USD.
I ride usually 5-10 hr/week if I am not lazy.

$260 USD

15-18 hours/week


2-5 hours (while at college I don’t get much riding time :frowning: )

1800 $

5 hours

$700 USD

Lately, only 4 hrs / wk. :frowning:

7 to 15 hours a week oh yeah and 600$


4-8 hours

$400 CAN

depending on the weather…
about 7 hours a week