Hot where you are?

It’s almost 6:30 PM here in Los Angeles County, and it’s STILL HOT! Just checked and it’s 86 degrees F! I knew it would’ve been “heat stroke” territory to ride Muni today with highs well over 100, and NO shade! I’ll just have to start doing my rides at night!:smiley:

7:30 here in SE Idaho. 81F with a stiff breeze.
I generally practice in early mornings when it is at least cool enough to breathe :slight_smile:

we started our muni ride (San Fernando Valley) yesterday at 8am, and it was 100+ before 9am!

The other morning, I woke up and went downstairs to get some coffee. We have this neat little gadget that tells us the outside temperature, inside temperature, and humidity.

Outside temp - 74 degrees Fahrenheit
Inside temp - 84 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity - Can’t remember.

I don’t know why, but it’s always hotter inside. The other day it was at least 90.

Keep in mind I’m in WISCONSIN.

Sounds like one place I will never move to. That’s plum scary to me.

86 isn’t bad. I grew up in Phoenix, AZ, and we used to play basketball outside on summer afternoons where 100 degrees F was considered nice and cool. :wink:

If you consume plenty of water and electrolytes and wear 85 SPF sunscreen you can still ride. :smiley:

I’m still “warming” to the idea of night rides…or maybe “twilight” rides. Helmet light and I’m there!

At 6:30 PM today in San Antonio the signs were reading 94 degrees F. Lots of water, iced tea, and sweating! Still good riding, though.

high 80s/low 90s in sand diego with absolutley no chance of rain…

Right now at 11:18 PM in Maine, it’s about 45 degrees F. It has been raining for a few days straight now, really starting to bother me.

Caught the sun on the back of my neck and arms for the first time this year.

scratches head
I’m sure this enviroment we’ve got is defective.
Can we take it back to the shop and get a new one?
Did anyone keep the receipt?

What do you mean, “We can’t change it.”?

yep, i live in pheonix arizona and its 105 out side and its 10:00 in the morning. the high today is supposed to be arounf 111 degrees

i think i beat all of you in terms of “heat”:stuck_out_tongue:

Saturday the official high in Sacramento was 96, which is (tied for) the highest so far this year. But at least it always cools down at night, usually into the 60s or lower!

Yesterday’s temperatures for the “America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride” around Lake Tahoe were about perfect for the area. Around 50 at 7:00 when we started to a high of around 73. Just pack on the sunscreen; altitudes from 6300 (lake level) to around 6900’ will getcha!

Seven Cokers rode the lake yesterday: Nathan and Beau Hoover went all the way around (72 miles). Bruce Bundy and Geoff Faraghan rode halfway, counter-clockwise, around 30 miles. Daytripper63 and I rode clockwise, shooting for halfway. Daytripper got somewhere around 20-25 miles and I got most of the way to my intended destination of Kings Beach, at around 37 miles. Oddly enough, both of us were getting sore on the downhills. even with brakes, the combination of long downhills with cambered, banked curves on the narrow roads lead to very hard work to stay straight and stay out of the paths of traffic.

Mark Massey was also riding, with a cool pair of adjustable cranks, but I’m not sure how far. He was not spotted near Nathan and Beau when Jacquie passed them on her way to pick me up…

Anyway, I have done MUni rides at temps up to 100 or so. Main thing is to not run out of water, and keep your pace manageable. And if there’s no shade, time to find a different trail…


I live in Chico, CA, which has ungodly-hot summers–we go weeks sometimes at 105 F-plus temps. When I was training for a marathon last year one of my running partners introduced me to Endurolytes, an electrolyte replacement in a handy capsule form. These things are amazing, IMHO–I take two before I start the ride, and then take two at 20-30 minute intervals depending on how hot it is and how hard I’m sweating. Since I’ve begun taking these, it’s really rare that I bonk on a ride. I still get flippin’ tired, of course, but none of the headaches and fatigue that used to accompany rides on hot days. YMMV, of course–I have a buddy who can’t take them because he says they give him stomach cramps.

Er, Pkittle, you might want to explain what ‘bonking’ is to your overseas friends.
It has a whole different meaning across the pond. :smiley:

Currently 68 F here at 5PM :smiley: :astonished: But I’ll trade the 85 F when I got home last week for the 99 F I had in Texas on May 27, our humidity :frowning: makes 85 here feel worse than 99 there.

Here in LA----lower Arkansas it’s not unusual to have temp. and humidity both in the high 80’s. ’ can’t ride at night because the mosquitoes will eat you on the spot. If they take you off in the woods the biguns will take you away from them. Seriously a stud skeeter’s a threat to a hen turkey’s virginity without getting up on his tippietoes.

20 minutes till 7:00 P here and it’s about 74 degrees out, and that’s hot for a place that mostly gets rain everyday, I might go for a ride later today

corpus christi TX … highs hitting the lower 90s w/ @ least 80% humidity it really sucks
i work in houses w/ no ac