Hot Rod Uni

My pappy said “Son your gonna drive me loony if you don’t stop riding that hot rod uni.”

Great job, Lance!

Love the shotgun shell detail on the handle bars…nice touch :slight_smile:


Sweet Jesus LanceB!

What a beauty!
Amazing job you’ve done there.



I’ve said it before and I will say it again, She’s a beaut!

I also feel there should be some sort of NCC-1701 marking on that light configuration.

I would be a bit concerned about smashing those taillights in a UPD, other than that It looks absolutely brilliant.

Perhaps I missed this somewhere, but what did you use to put a red stripe on the tire?

When I saw the whitewall that monocyclism painted on his 36r tire (see his photos in the “Post your 36r here” thread), I thought that was a pretty cool idea, and decided to do something similar. It happens that on the 32" tire, there are two parallel lines running around each side of the tire that make a perfect demarcation for a colored stripe. I used this:

It took two applications each side, but seems to work pretty well.

You’re right, Eric, the tail lights do have kind of a “Star Trek” vibe, but that’s not what I was going for. When I found this guy down in Camp Pendleton Marine base selling used, chromed artillery shells, I just thought “that’s it!”
And I made the headlight and tail light assembly very easy to remove, so for a regular daylight ride, like today, I just took them off. You’re right, I wouldn’t want to ding them up in a random UPD, especially now, when I’m still getting used to the overdrive, and have random UPDs more often than usual.

Thanks for the positive comments everybody. Meanwhile, the more I ride the 32", the more I like it. Did about 12 miles today in pretty heavy traffic, and it was great. It handles really well, and I had a lot of confidence in every situation. (Still gotta be careful with the OD, however, but it’s just a matter of time till I get used to it.) (I imagine the handling of the 32 is a lot like the 29rs, but I’ve never ridden one of those.)

That’s great! (One of my “oldie” favorites!) (Also a fun guitar riff, for any players out there.)

She’s a beauty, Lance. Does that mean my old Coker (with custom flames, I might add) is collecting dust?

Yeah, I gotta admit, the Coker hasn’t been feeling the love the last couple weeks. And yeah, you’re the one that got me started on the flamed uni thing! LOL!
I will say, riding the new one in high gear is like starting over on the big wheel again. Still, I’m working on it.
(And no, I’m not ready to give up the 36r just yet. Something about having spares, and keeping my options open. Plus, I have a friend who recently started riding after many decades, and I’m thinking it will be handy to have another big wheel to have to loan for long road rides.)


zz top.

Nothing like a little ZZ Top for a thread-jack. (always appropriate…)

(Yes, I like hot rod guitars, too. Here’s mine.)

That is a great riff. I was a preteen beginner when the Commander Cody version hit the radio, about as experienced with a guitar then as I am on a unicycle now, and playing that seemed superhuman. But I tried it just now and it’s doable, a little shaky full-speed but it’d clean up with a bit of practice.

When they covered it, Arkie Shibley’s original recording was 17 years old, and now the cover is over 40 years old. Yikes.

Wow, love the guitar too! She’s a beauty. That looks like ZZ Top’s Deguello tour, one of the better arena concerts I saw back then. On a few of the songs they were accompanied by “The Lone Wolf Horns”–the same three guys on film, projected on a screen behind the stage playing the horn parts. That was the coolest.

Back to the thread…
The 20 gauge shotgun-shell end caps are truly inspired - as is the whole thing reall. Just amazing.

… Out of curiosity what alloy did you use to make the 36:48 hub ring adaptor?

Thanks for reeling us back in, RxLewis. Did I mention, I’m very easily distrac Hey, is that a squirrel?

(The adapter rings are 304 stainless.)

Car Show!

Ever since I built this custom unicycle I’ve been thinking it would be cool to enter it into a car show (since I often see custom bicycles and stuff like that at car shows). So they had a “rat rod” show near here this past Saturday, and I entered my “hot rod.” Here are some pictures. I won the award for “Best Bicycle.” (They didn’t have a separate category for unicycles.) I thought it was pretty cool.
I also brought my other size unis, just to show people that there were different kinds for different purposes. I let anyone give it a try who wanted to, about a dozen or so did. A few could ride. (But it was kind of difficult riding on the grass.) Anyway, I hope I kindled some interest in the sport.
Best quote of the day: A girl pointed at the unicycles as they walked by, he responded, “Oh yeah, they’re making a comeback these days.”

my show booth.jpg

major award.jpg

Congrats !
Did you ride it to collect the award ? :slight_smile:

Nice work, LanceB! That thing looks fantastic!

Wow, that’s cool. Never knew there were bikes at car shows. Unis … even better. Nice of you to let others try one out.

Lance, that is one awesome ride!! The whole thing is beautiful and I love the Star Trek effects.