Hot Rod Uni

I’ve posted a couple preliminary photos of this in the 32" thread, but there are a number of unique features here that I figured might have broader appeal. So here are some photos of the more-or-less complete “Hot Rod Uni.” (All custom features were designed and fabricated by me.)
I’ve been a hot rod guy since I was a kid, so when it came to building a unicycle from scratch, it just seemed like the thing to do. Very subjective, some people will think it’s cool, some will think it’s stupid. That’s OK. I’ve been riding it for a week and a half now, and so far I really like it. It handles really well, and will give me a little extra speed with a moderate cadence.

Specs (for those who may be interested):
Wheel & tire: Kent 32" (48 spoke)
Spokes & nipples: Wheelsmith 293mm
Hub: Schlumpf/KH, with 36-to-48 hole adapter rings
Frame: KH36 (early model, with Magura mounts only)
Brakes: Magura (set up and sold by Brycer1968 on this forum)
Seat: Quax “Air,” modified (partially flattened and “tunnel” enlarged)
Seatpost: Thompson
Headlight: Generic “bullet” style, battery-powered; mount is re-fashioned Harley clutch cable mount
Tail lights: Battery-powered LED, custom-mounted in used 25mm artillery shells
Handlebars: “Shadow” T-bar with custom mounting and generic bar ends. Winchester 20ga shell end plugs.
Pedals: Shimano Saint
Cranks: Nimbus 150mm, N.O.S. (plain, non-anodized)

Has anyone ever entered a unicycle into a car show? I go to them frequently, and often see things like custom bicycles and pedal cars, but never seen a unicycle. I think I’ll enter this in one this summer. Should be fun.





Awesome customization!

Any pictures or videos with you on it? It’s not complete without the rider!

Oh I love it! And those tail lights are brilliant!

This unicycle was spotted at one or more car shows (not by me). I guess it qualifies as “hot rod” as well, but yours is more toward the “would want to ride it somewhere” category. :slight_smile: It is beautiful indeed!

Wow. Just wow. Lance, once in my life I want to build something as awesome as that! :astonished:

WOW!! That is incredible!! :slight_smile: I would be worried about scratching it. I think I would just display it in my home. :slight_smile:

Wow, Lance, that’s super hot. Really amazing! Theese lights are great. Should be no problem to catch eyes on any car show. For me, the last thing, that could be improved ist the yellow plastic bumpers of your seat that do not fit the hot rod theme a 100 percent. But that’s a matter of opinion. The rest is allready perfect yet! Wonderful project, well done!

That’s pretty cool! And you used nicely the “codes” of hot-rods. Maybe the last detail would be to have the seat handle and rear protections machined or chromed!

If you go to a car show with it, make sure you don’t forget a good stand so that it doesn’t fall on a nearby car ! :smiley:

Very impressive job!
Bumpers could be painted in red with yellow flames as the final touch.




Beautifully done. And a 32er, ta boot!

Is it just me or does the head/tail light combination have the flavor of the Starship Enterprise. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is just one thing missing, though. As someone of a similar vintage as you, I’m looking for Rat Fink. :smiley: He has to be there somewhere!?! Maybe just as an air freshener dangling from the handlebars in front of the headlight? Maybe as a small decal somewhere inconspicuous. On second thought, maybe it’s best to exclude Rat Fink. He’d just make the rest of the guni “cheesy.” :wink:

Now go shift that guni into high gear and tear it up!


UPD in Utah

Isn’t that the kettle calling the pot black? I mean your uni is show piece too.

That really is sooo neat :sunglasses:

I don’t know why but your cranks look super long…

It’s one of the most customized uni’s I’ve ever seen.

Uniporn! (in a good way, that is).

Thanks! But i don’t think mine is that fancy or customized. :slight_smile: His is like the Rolls Royce of unicycles. :slight_smile:

Nice job. Are those canisters under the seat nitrous oxide for when you are racing?

You did a fantastic job, I can hardly wait to see what you do to top this. Steve

That is one sweet ride! I love your taillights. I like old balloon tire bicycles and your uni has me thinking about my own custom uni. But, I don’t think I could ever top yours.

Lance, that thing is awesome. The best looking 32er out there, and probably up there with the best looking period.

Love the scilicone tape, stuff works fantastic.