Hot off the press

Hi, this is my first post here. I started unicycling a few months ago, and I have been lurking this website. I am about to go on a trip, so I ordered John Drummond’s book “Reinventing the Wheel” so I would have something to read on the plane. I received a notice from Amazon that the book had shipped from San Bernadino on Friday, 5/9/14, and I received it in Los Angeles on Saturday, 5/10/14. Here is the weird part. In the very back of the book, it says "Made in the USA San Bernadino, CA 09 May 2014. So the book was printed, put in an envelope, and shipped in one day! Micro publishing (print on demand) gives new meaning to hot-off-the-press (actually a printer).

Welcome to the forum, unimogmatt! You live in a good area for muni, and there are a number of uni riders near you. (I’m not far either, Northridge.)
Post your progress on “Learner’s Journal,” and some photos as well. You will find a very supportive group here.

Yes, welcome to the forum and do tell us about your progress learning to ride so far if you’d like. And do you have a Unimog? Pictures please if so.

Thanks LanceB for pointing out the “Learning Journal”. I’ll post my progress there.

LargeEddie: Yes, I do have a Unimog. Here is a link to a trip report that a friend wrote up about Unimogs in the Altar desert (Sonora, Mexico). I have the ugly one with the red cab and silver bed (with green trim).


Thanks for the link! That’s a really nice write-up with great pictures and it looks like lots of fun. And I knew which one you meant but it isn’t ugly at all. It looks like it belongs there. The other ones are too shiny, and also seemed to get stuck more.