Hot Off The Press! Animal Hamilton PC Pedals!

Hey Guy’s

These pedals are great!!:smiley:

Also Check out this versatile Uni bag!

Nice, I like the look of that bag.

You reckon you could safely store a uni without taking the pedals off? If and when i get a bag I’d like one where that’s not an issue. Looks good, but not sure if it would be any better than the mgypack.

It says they did two 20" unicycles without pedals, so I’d imagine you could fit one 20" with the pedals. I’m sure you could keep a pedal wrench in the bag though.

You can fit one 20" fully assembled in it with pedals!

I’m sorry, but it looks like very cheap material and the foam insert is extra!?! REALLY!?! Sorry but this is way over priced and doesn’t even with a back pack type straps.

If I ever have to fly with my uni I’m buying one of these.

Good idea, but $120?

Small production run?