Hot as Hell on LA Roundup Muni

The So Cal Muni diehards–Jake, Mango (San Diego), Morgan, Josh, Terry and John (LA area), and Eyal, Jess and Hans (Santa Barbara) hooked up at 8 at the Hummingbird trailhead (San Fernando Valley) hoping to avoid the heat. We didn’t, but the ride was a blast (as in blast furnace) anyhow. Infinite trials lines possible on the flanks of this trail, which itself had some good long rolling sections. Good to ride with the old group.

Josh will post pics later.


I’m uploading the VIDEO now! Will post separate thread soon.:smiley:

Photos! Hans has more.

It was awesome riding with everyone in the group. I had a “blast” doing trials on those big boulders. Great shots Jon! Now I’m excited to see the pics hans took.

muni pix

Hey Jake

Will send a disk to your house with all the pixs on it (134)
Since I don’t know how to upload
some good ones ones on there!

Take care