Hospital's uni-drama

Unfortunately it was ‘the best’ of my scans :roll_eyes:
In conclusion…fortunately sense of humor WAS included in the creation:D


OK I assume this is real. Who’s the doctor? Sounds like it was pretty embarassing for him.

The article implies that this went on for two hours. Seems highly unlikely that a newbie unicyclist would spend 2 hours fooling around in hospital corridors. More likely the lady waited 2 hours, then the doctor arrived and not realizing the situation, spent a few minutes showing off on his unicycle.

Though possibly I’m being overly generous with the doctor. One time a doctor stuck me and my family in an exam room and forgot about us. After a couple of hours he went home for the day, with us still in the exam room.

this has all been posted before but thatnks forthe effort anyways

how did he “race up and down the corridors” on what looks like a 12" unicycle?

Alright it was posted Wednesday, without the scan.

my question is how does she not notice a connection in being told five times that she was overreactive and anxious?

She was send on five occasions by the GP to the hospital.

It is 16" like my first uni.Still not too much 4 racing.:slight_smile:

No one has pointed out that it is impossible to last two hours on a Savage saddle. That alone destroys the credibility of the article.

Whats next?

Attack of the killer To-unicycles???

“the young entertainer raced up and down the corridors in front of admiring nurses”

that bastard was only riding a uni because of its inherent chick magnet attributes. i hope he burns in hell for using it to pursue his own carnal desires. btw… my costume for halloween tonight was the unicycle doctor. it was funny only to me. heh.