Hosed on the G-Spot

Yesterday morning, Eyal, Josh and I joined extreme MB downhiller and dirt jumper Damon Moran on a trail called “G-Spot,” in the San Fernando Valley. The trail is a combination of rolling flats and sudden rock slabs and vertical cliff bands and we got totally hosed.

One drop/rollout (The “Jesus Drop”) looked 12 feet, easy. The “Wailing Wall” is one of several 30 to 40 foot fractured cliffs Damon rode down–but not us, and we ain’t trying anytime soon. According to Damon, his previous partner (now retired) broke his neck on “The Wailing Wall.”

We probably rode 90 percent of the hardcore line–much of it on the rolling flats. Another five percent we tried, but backed off after near-fatalities. The other five percent, which drops over cliffsides, looks flat out impossible on a Muni, but who knows. We just couldn’t get our heads around (for instance) blasting down a piss-your-pants steep ledged, rock face to a max-speed, mambo rolling drop into an off-camber shale chute. I’m hoping that after a few more trips we can sac up and try a couple of those sections that froze us solid. A few parts on the hardcore line I’ll never try, that’s for sure.

G-Spot is our new project. According to Damon, many DH riders have “stacked” on the slabs or rocky roll outs, so it’s going to take us a few more tentative runs before we start attacking what thoroughly hosed us today. Should be an interesting winter.

We only took a few pictures of the “easy” parts that were convenient to shoot, and which Josh posted in the Gallery. They don’t do G-spot justice, but I’ll get some more pics next weekend because we’ll be there.


:astonished: !

Sounds terrifyingly fun…:slight_smile:

Can you give us a link to Josh’s gallery?

And a translation for over 40s, please?:wink:

Here’s the album in my gallery:

Sparse…but we were way more interested in not breaking bones.

I second Largo’s comments. Man, some of those rock slabs were steeeep and long. There’s a certain angle - let’s call it the Gravity/Friction Ratio - where if you take a fall, your body will NOT slowly tumble to a stop, but instead will continue accelerating until it finds something big enough to stop it. The Gspot trail was full of these angles.

Fortunately, the drunk who created this trail (as I’m told) made better roll outs than I’ve ever seen on any trail. That’s not an invitation to drop in to the 35 foot walls Largo describes, but there were many other smaller ones that we can’t wait to master. These range from 4 feet to about 12 feet and have a slightly more favorable Gravity/Friction Ratio. The 4 and 5 footers are the natural version of dropping into a minipipe. The 12 footers are probably what it would be like to drop in to a jumbo vert ramp but with a bit more friction under the tire.

Here’s another pic of the infamous Damon, our tourguide, head-firsting on one of the big walls.

Hey Eyal (and John), is that photo taken perfectly vertical? Either way it looks like a beautiful place to ride. I really will come and ride with you all one day! Santa Barbara looks like a fantastic place to live. :slight_smile:

Before then I’ll most like try out muni in central Australia though. I’d imagine it will be similar in many ways.

well, there’s no way of knowing whether the photo is perfectly vertical, but I can say that I tried to make it vertical. There was certainly no need for me to exaggerate that drop :slight_smile:

Hi, Andrew–

About 60 percent of the way down the right edge of that photo (of DH biker, Damon), you can see part of a road, and it appears pretty flat in the pic. That shot is a fairly honest reproduction of the angle on that particular drop. We couldn’t believe the guy rode down it.

The problem on Gspot is that the terrain is very uneven and we’re just grabbing shots with little peanut cameras. I’m going to get Alex (who took the shots of Tunnel Trail) out there next weekend with his fancy rig to get some proper documentation. We’re also gonna try and get Corbin, Nathan, Beau and the boys down for another run at the San Fernando area Muni tracks. Suicide Connector (Simi Valley), Hummingbird, Gspot, and Stage Coach (the last 3 in San Fernando) are all A-List muni runs.

It’s fun to try and document this stuff A) to spread the word about interesting Muni courses, and B) to generate excitement for Muniing. Sometime during this Thanksgiving break we’ll get some shots of Stage Coach, another great ride right by Gspot.


Oh, please do!

All this is starting to get me excited about Moab 06 again…

Every picture you post of the trails over your way brings me one step closer to coming and visiting you! :slight_smile:



wow. I’m definately finding a Thanksgiving Ride to go on. Gotta look for trails… like the ones out my backyard! Better get the Johnsons and the rest of team truckee rallied up!