Horvath Kristof's Koxx-One Sponsorship Request

There will be more to come but unfortunatly I dont think we have time to ride and make a longer video but sunday. I emailed arthur to please wait and see what will come in a week. Kristof has loved koxx one since he began unicycling and i know its his dream to be on the team. so please enjoy this 4 clip video. lol

i dunno what u guys were thinking but that music was just irritating. riding wasnt too bad tho

The video is too much short but the music is according to it, I like it. Waiting for the next. Nice video anyway!

I didnt like this movie. music was bad, editing sux. and well, it was too short.

on EUC I saw Kristof - he did way better then in this “clip”. You should film some lines, high jumps etc. not only 3 jumps?!

I think You should do something else/better/longer for sponsorship request than that.

tell me why the editing sucked? if you were smart enough to read what i had written then you might just understand why i didnt have enough time to make a real vid. he went to a comp yesterday and i couldnt film him and i had like one hour to edit.

beacuse it was too short! and You could not edit it well.
overall, there were 3 jumps and nothing more. too little material, I think.

You could have used some older material and make it at least 2,5 min long.


vid sucked…
rider not ^^
like padja said: he is much better in real live than you can see on this clips,…