Horrid flat spot on KH07

I never thought of myself as one to destroy equiptment, i never really believed i ride hard enough. But after spending a few weeks on the Muni my trials inner tube arrived and i got back on Mr KH(i was wearing a red T-shirt, remmember that because it will be important later on). It was amazing… so light and jumpyabouty, the uni not the t-shirt, i was fanging about doing stuff i had seen on youtube :slight_smile:

I cannot crankflip (yet) :frowning: but i do get some joy out of revs. I was 180ing a 5 set with a backwards rev(street moves never soud cool when i say them). the first time i landed it perfectly then rememmber i couldn’t ride backwards :frowning: so i promptly fell off. I checked my watch and still had two hours before work so decided to learn to ride backwards. began learning and lost interest, decided to keep trying the 180 and learn going backwards that way.

So here i am, on the state library steps with an audience of old ladies and a lazy hippie, i line up the stairs and let fly: rolling hop! 180! backwards rev! corner of stair! the hippie laughed/suffered a major coughing fit and the old ladies tittered.

On examination of the wheel it was buckled furiously. I add now, my spokes where/are tightened a correctly trued, as i had only just got it done this morning at the LBS and the tyre was inflated a little more than what i would normally have, as i was experiementing. I cannot remmember if it bottomed out on impact, all i remmember was the pain of balls on seat.

back to the bike shop i trundled, swapping unicycle holding arms as i went, carefull to make sure no one was watching and think that i wasn’t strong. he managed to true it out but it still has a slight wobble. The best part, i pay for the unicycle repairs in beers.

But yeah i think what i am really trying to get across is… i broke some unicycle bits :slight_smile: must mean i am getting better… or just a sign of poor form?

Its not neccessarily that you have bad form, sometimes it just happens. My uni has a wobble in the tire and I have been riding with it for awhile. If it gets too bad, then I will have to true it back up though. Start learning them flip tricks :wink:

P.S. Happy 4000th post.


you write well. that sux by the way.:frowning:

wow, i didn’t even realise. 4000 posts :slight_smile: i am chuffed… or is it choofed? either way they both sound uncomfortable. Thanks for the ‘post happy’

Thanks for the compliment. i enjoy writing, i just never seem to have anything to write about. Maybe i should take up destroying unicycles, that seems to get a good write up :slight_smile:

and juggle… dont you worry, flipeth('s) will cometh

thanks guys.

Get a spoke wrench and have your LBS friend show you how to do a great truing job for a 12 pack:p More beers for you in the long run:p (plus could save a rim if you are in a pinch).

Hey Tom!

Congratz and bollocks on damaging your KH rim. 180 off a 5 set with a bacwards rev sounds mean to me. Keep on riding!

I’ve also got a tiny wobble in my rim. I’ll have to true it some more.

Do you have a picture?

Peter M

It’s true, that sounds pretty pansy hahaha. Have more confidence in the fact that people will know what you’re talking about without perfectly describing it. You should have said “I was trying to 180 back rev a 5”. See the difference? That’s a sweet trick though, you should go back and hit it.

My gues about why your rim went flat is the fact that you can’t ride backwards very well. You may have been trying to stick it, and then ride backwards, rather than riding backwards as soon as you land, therefore rolling out of it and taking some of the stress away. Bend your legs too when you land, it will help for bigger sets a well. If you had a video of it, I’m sure we could tell better what was going on.

Kevin McMullin

As long as it doesnt rub at the frame there is no flat spot :wink: haha

Hey thanks for the comments guys. Unfourtunately i have neither a camera or a video camera. My parents have taken the digital away with them :frowning:

Kevin i wish i could get a video up, it would be great to get some help from ‘greats’. I think you may be on to something, now that i think about it, i do land before i ‘attempt’ to ride backwards. thanks for the help.

SmileyMarco, you logic eludes me… but i wish :slight_smile:

THanks Ivan, it was very mean. As mean as a cut snake with a generaly cranky disposition.