Horn on my unicycle

Am I the only strange one or has somebody else put a horn on their uni?

I was thinking one day “bikes have little horns on them all the time. I think i should do that to my uni.”

So i went to Partyland, (a store that sells party stuff, ballons, little gags like fish flavored candy, whatever) asked if they had anything that would work. I came out after spending ten bucks.
I get home get the tape out and …now my uni has a horn you could hear from a mile away!!

   Air-horns are the coolest!

Back in 1964 or so, I put a two-piped goose horn on my Oxford 24" unicycle. It stayed there until about 1975 when I think it rusted beyond repair. Maybe that was my memory.

I have some Dutch friends that brought me a bike bell from Holland which has spent time on three of my present brood and presently resides on my bright blue Jugglebug.

Absolutly, horns are very cool.

I use a small collection of horns that I use to fit the unicycle (or mood); mind you I’ve never felt the need to increase my presence since the unicycle usually does it on its own.

I’ve never used an air horn, if that’s what you are refering to. Does it clear paths?

Mr. Giggles

I tried it, but couldnt find placement that wouldnt bother me while riding. Plus, I find it much more fun to scream “Oh Shit, I Dont Know How to Stop!!!” Its much more effective than a silly horn.
-David Kaplan

That phrase is delightful, particullarly with an increase wheel wobble and some flailing arms.

As for mounting, grab some duct tape.

Re: Horn on my unicycle

I bought one when I got my first uni but
never fitted it. The problem was I was still
at the stage where I was kind of
embarrassed to be seen in public. Having
a circus-style horn on it was just going too

Now that you’ve reminded me, I might think
about digging it out, though it strikes as more
like something a performer would use.

Arnold the Aardvark

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Re: Horn on my unicycle

I saw the header and thought “Someone’s gearing up for level 11”.

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Maybe you could mount a horn on your helmet? At least when you do a UPD it wouldn’t get destroyed. I’ve seen a guy in our club mount a squeeze horn under his seat. It’s great for parades, but may look a little wierd reaching 'round back for something.

Check out this Samui Air Zound Horn you inflate with a bike pump…


It looks pretty funky. 120db.

Don_TaiATyahooDOTcoDOTuk, Toronto, Canada

Re: Horn on my unicycle

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002 22:01:16 -0500, harper
<harper.38hiy@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>I have some Dutch friends that brought me a bike bell from Holland which
>has spent time on three of my present brood and presently resides on my
>bright blue Jugglebug.

For bikes in the Netherlands, a bike bell is compulsory (and I think a
horn is illegal - not sure). I have no bike bell on my uni, it’s much
more fun to say “ring ring” (in Dutch tringeling). If I’m in a joking
mood I add “Sorry, they left if out. But hey, they left a lot more out
on this cycle.”

I had mounted a bike bell below the front bumper of my Volkswagen
Beetle in 1975 with a handle on the dashboard. That was fun too.

Klaas Bil

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