Horizontal Idling?

Please can anyone tell me how to horizontal idling?

Thank you very much.


Doing the horizontal?

Now, this is a strange question, Pietro, seeing as to how up until a few minutes ago I had never heard of such a thing!

Maybe you could explain to me how it differs in appearance from regular idling? Does your body have to be horizontal, or just your cranks? Or am I missing something?

This has been referred to as circus idling, and yes, it is the cranks that are horizontal, not the rider. I can’t do it, but here are a couple of threads on the subject.

Thread 1
Thread 2

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

There is always someone smarter than I ever am. Thank you JJuggle for that answer. Now I have something new to try:p

Smart has nothing to do with it. Spending way too much time on this newsgroup does. :slight_smile:

Good luck. I tried it half-heartedly this past weekend. Yikes.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

i cant circus idle very well, but i have started to leanr how in a round about way. in my hopping practice i have been trying to get better at still stands before trying a high hop and a small circus idle is what evolved. i will get into position, stillstand a second, then do maybe three or four small circus idles (very small, so that the wheel only moves a couple inches side to side) then stillstand again before actually hopping. if i worked at circus idling i could probably get it pretty fast since i already know the motion. so the point is that circus idling definitely has some practical use that regular idling does not.

i love idling i mastered the one foot but horizontal now that sounds like a challenge…

It is, and it’s great fun. I’m not very good at the horizontal idle, but I can do it.

Here’s a little help guide on unicycling.org about the Horizontal Idle

Circus idle. Eww. What’s it got to do with the circus? In circuses on the rare occasions when I see a unicycle, there usually isn’t any idling involved at all. Usually it’s just a ride through. Even in Cirque du Soleil’s “O” (that was an ultimate wheel)!

Horizontal idle isn’t a very clever name, but it explains the motion pretty well. I think names like these will suit us better until our sport is more widespread.

Regular idling is much easier to do one-footed!

I was first shown the concept by Larry Steele, the promoter of the World Wheelers unicycle basketball team. He explained that this was a very flexible position from which to move off nearly instantly. From a regular idle, if you’re at the wrong pedal position, you have to roll back before you can roll away. In a horizontal idle if you need the rollback you can do it real quick.

I can’t idle, but when I try the horizonal position seems more natural to me. Which tells me I need to change that to the easier position (for learning) or join the circus.