hoppy-droppy vs. roly poly muni

A bit back there was a discussion where some people were saying that they
like to do XC style muni, where almost all the riding is rolling the wheel
over stuff, as opposed to others who said they didn’t like that at all and
said they liked to do trials style hoppy up over things muni, where you’d
kind of hop and ride all over one bit until you clear it all and then move
on to somewhere else difficult.

Anyway, I usually ride quite a bit of xc, but recently I’ve been doing some
trials stuff too and I have to say to the people on both sides of the
argument that you’re really missing something if you’re only doing one of

I mean, it’s absolutely great when you’ve just ridden full blast down a long
singletrack right down the side of a hill over roots and rocks and by some
marvel of luck and/or skill managed to clear it, but it’s also amazing when
you’ve just hopped your way up something you could never ride and then
jumped down off the other side.

I also find that skills from one style really help me with the other, for
example in xc riding, if I run out of power half way up a hill, I can stop
and do little hops to get my breath back even on slopes too steep to idle
on, whereas before it would be time to get off, have a rest and then try to
mount again. I’m also much better at still-standing to check the line I’m
riding. I can see when I get the hopping to be more natural, I’ll be able to
use it to help clear bigger trail obstacles too.

Same goes the other way round, if you only do trials, it’s likely that
you’ll be not so good at moves involving wheels turning, rolling over
objects etc.

As for the breaking equipment doing trials issue, if you don’t weigh much or
you don’t do really crazy drops, I’d guess you won’t break equipment that
quickly anyway. I shall see.

Anyway, what I meant to say is you people who only do one or the other, get
out there and try something different, it’s wicked fun and improves all your

so there,


It´s faster to roll over stuff than hop over stuff, so I don´t hop much except when I have an audience!

On a similar topic, I was thinking about going the way of MTB´s in terms of DH and XC. I think there are advantages of having a really lightweight X-country MUni and being able to ride up and down everything and hop easily; but also having a heavier Downhill MUni with brakes, bigger tyre/stronger wheel/crank/axle, and suspension seatpost, that would be mainly used for bombing downhills.


joe, u make a good point
as my question regarding rating kris holm’s ability on the skill levels indicated, there are growing divisions/divergences within unicycling at the moment
this is to be expected from a rapidly growing and developing sport
a while ago there was a thread discussing the potential danger to unicycling should the sport continue to grow/rapidly expand in popularity
i think u’ve highlighted that threat in your post

specialisation may be cheap, but at what price?

Why would specialisation be a threat? :thinking:
I think people ride unicycles for different reasons so its only natural for there to be specialisation. I mean, it´s cool to see people juggle on 5ft giraffes etc but I wouln´t spend hours learning how to do that because it is not something I would be personally interested in.

I’m completely agreed! I think they are 2 faces of the same medal, and freestyle can complete the uni world!

"Why would specialisation be a threat? "

my mistake
i should’ve said over-specialisation
when it reaches a point where individuals lose out on the benefit of a certain activities because it is not deemed worthy of their time/effort, they r only denying themselves
i’m the last to suggest everyone should do everything
i’m simply echoing the warning sounded in the original post regarding the other extreme