im just learning to hop on my unicycle and i can hop about 5 or 6 times then ride away but when i try to get up a curb i can get high and far enough, i just bounce in the spot, any tips on how i can hop higher and further

Have you tried Seat In Front hopping? That would help you get higher, but you should be good hopping seat in for getting up curbs unless its a HUGE curb. Just try to compress the tyre downwards before you jump up and remember that your hop comes from your feet not your hand on the seat. Make sure your not lifting up on the seat before you hop, but only after. think of it as almost jumping off of the pedals then bringing the uni up to your feet. But when you get smooth with the motions you can do them so it looks like one motion. Idk if thats completely right with other peoples technique but thats kinda how i see it.

if he cant hop regular he cant hop seat in front
try hopping on a brick

okay thats where i was going wrong i think i was depending to much on the seat, i wasnt hopping off my feet thanks ill give that a try.

i can finally get up curbs even though i only started trying yesterday, thnx for the tips

yea i was stuck there for a while too… then i realized that i was lifting up on the seat before i jumped and i wasnt going anywhere :roll_eyes: its cool that u got it though!

Way to go! yeah hopping is one of those things that just takes practice. Make sure you are using your legs to jump, not just bouncing on the tire!

i can get up the curb but only just i have to hop a couple of times to get up next to it sideways then i do a big one with my knees bent lower to get up it, but sometimes i dont get up. i think i need to jump off the pedals more, what do you guys think

Sif! :astonished: Your only going up a curb not a wall!

Just practise hopping on the spot for a whill when you can get high enough doing that, then go up to a curb, stand still for a second the just JUMP.
I found that trying to compress your tire only wasts time :wink:

oh ok that helps thanks

(QUOTE) the jdw: Your only going up a curb not a wall!

aghhh thats why i said u probably should be able to get up the curb unless it was HUGE!. lol
hey u never know… soon a new form of unicycling might emerge… SIF Only

lol how long before you could hop at curb height

I can’t answer that nor can I answer proberaly how long I have been unicycling. I just unicycled on and off lol :smiley: