I can hop about 5 times without falling on average, but i only go about 1/2 an inch off the ground! How can i jump higher? Even when im holding onto a wall i cant jump high. Any advice???

Sorry and I know it doesnt help at all imidiatly but PRACTICE! Also, try to compress your tire before the hop. I only learned to hop 2 months ago and I have practiced almost every day and now I can hop 1+ feet. Just PRACTICE!

Compress your tire, jump, pull up on the handle, and tuck your legs. But most of all…practice.

Just hop over anything and eveything. When I started I could hop like about an inch or two. But then I started hoping over leaves, side walk cracks or even cats and before I knew it I was hopping up picnic tables. What alot of beginers do is not keep enough tension between their hands and their pedals just pull up and lift your legs really then you’ll start jumping and that will bring it way up. It took me quite a while like a week to hop around 16".

I don’t hop much, more less trying to ride backwards lately.

But I’ve maybe spent a total of 2 hours hopping, and I can hop about 8-10" in the air.

If you look for the Kris Holm video, he does a very small hop, and presses down real hard, then hops really high. He explained it as pounding the tire off the ground, that works very well.

i can hop 0" in the ground:p

How do u jump up curbs? I have to stop, and then jump. I can’t do it while I’m pedaling. Also, should i learn to idle so i can jump in place longer :thinking:

much practice. it gets easier after a while you just have to get used to normal hopping and then practice jumping while rolling. Just wait untill the craks are almost horizontal and pull up. It takes some practice but comes naturally after a while.

good advice I do that as well ,

even small hops will build up your leg muscles ,leg muscels arnt eveery thing they do help

use higher tire pressure for higher bounce. just don’t put the maximum tire pressure in it cause you’ll blow the tire up. this works well for me

I finally learned how to go up curbs! However, I find it extremely difficult to jump it straight on because it is hard to get your cranks perfectly horizontal when you’re right next to it. I find it’s much easier to approach it diagonaly. Another thing, I still have to stop before i jump, any tips for rolling jumps???

I don’t know a lot about rolling hops, but I learned to hop slightly higher by hop-twisting. I think jump mount might hel your hopping skills as well…and your guts. :thinking:

well i used to hold the handle with both hands… and its not until recently, when i got told i should only hold the front handle… I can now jump 3-4x as high, and clear pavements easily.

Roll hoping on pavements is just practice dont despair it will come

Spend a lot of time practicing riding towards a curb and hopping no matter what crank position you’re in. the trick for me was not trying to always jump in the same crank position and just go for it. also, it took me a while to learn not to spin the wheel to my favorite position while in the air.:stuck_out_tongue:

I find it helps if you ride at the curb at speed and pull up and forward on the seat, you then find your self at the top of the curb wondering wot to do next.

yeah hopping forward onto curbs, is just practice, also try hopping on the spot, with your legs in the opposite possition your usual one.

Meaning I usually hop with my right foot forward and left foot back. Try it the other way, originally i was REALLY bad doing it the other way, but now its fine. After that rolling hops get easier, problem is now i get lazy and just jump loads to get to the curb…

I’ve finally learned how to jump high. Any tips for how to do crankflips? I can’t seem to turn the pedals in mid-air.

All you need to know is here

Im learning how to 180 onto curbs. I guess I’ll hav to learn backwards now.

backwards is easy with some handy dandy practice.