If you hvae seen either of my videos, you know that I have a small wooden jump that I ride over alot, and have ridden off of a curb. I would now like to jump UP onto those things. For the curb, I have put my pedal so that it is on the curb, pulled the uni up as high as it will go, and jumped, but it won’t work… Any advice for someone who is learning to jump?


keep your pedals parellel to the ground and instead of bending your legs to hop, flex your ankles and use the tire’s bounce to your advantage.

OK, i must not have been bending my knees enough, and the cranks were vertical.

whats your tire pressure at? a low tire pressure will help, I’d say like 10 psi.

that also depends on how much you weigh and what kind of tire it is.

I up that to 15 psi. hes 13 so I’m geussing he’s like 90-100 pounds.

hey, you want the cranks HORIZONTAL!!!

now, jump as high as you can like on flat ground(without the unicycle) and keep enough pressure on the handle to hold it on your feet, and start w/ the pressure on the handle before you jump so that you don’t feel all akward
uhm just let it feel comfortable :slight_smile:

if it isn’t a trials tire he needs to run recommended pressure, putting spring in a non trials/muni tire will do him little good and will mess up the unicycle faster

he has a nimbus trials uni.

Just practice hopping, trying to go higher and higher, and side hops

In my uneducated opinion you want to do both.