i have recently been trying to learn to hop.
i can hop about 3-6" and ride away but i want to learn to get higher.
can anyone help me with this please?


Well, the only thing you can really do is practice a lot and find the technique that you like. Also check out www.unicycle.2ya.com . It has a lot of great tutorials on how to learn unicycling tricks/techniques.

edit- The site also has a few videos of Kris Holm’s trials workshop at NUC 2001 for basic hopping techniques. Check those out.

What i did when i frist learned hwo to hop is just see how high you can possibly go. i know that doesnt sounds very helpful but it really is. like i could get like 4" but i just decide to jump as high as i can by like accually jumping only with and uni then i was getting like 1’ and above in like 10 minutues


I’ve been meaning to make a video tutorial on hopping for some time now but haven’t yet gotten around to it. The footage is there on one of my tapes but I haven’t made the tutorial yet. Although what I’ve filmed so far only covers the very basics of hopping.


Re: hopping

are you hopping with the seat in grabbing the handel? (if you have one) or are you hopping with the seat out because when your hopping with the seat in you can only go about as high as you can jump normaly with you knees bent at the same angle as whe you hop. but when you have the seat out you can hop much higher by lifting the uni past your ass. (accuse my languge :roll_eyes: ) and you can hop onto the top of picnic table from the ground. :slight_smile: and its much more effective. also are you using a 24" or higher or are you using a 20"?

i am hopping with the seat in. and im using a torker lx 20".
but i will practice riding with the seat out.
thanks for the advice.


honestly you wont learn much from watching a tutorial or asking for advice. it takes a lot of time and practice to be able to hop high. basically practice hopping everyday for months and then you will find yourself hopping on picnic tables. seat in you should be able to hop 15-20 inches no problem (some people can do higher). therefore if you can hop only 6 inches and think that you need to switch to seat out to hop higher you are mistaken.

compress the tire and tuck.

that is all you need to know.

a prehop will help you compress the tire more.

find a place where you can hop onto obstacles that slowly increase in height. keep practicing at one spot until you can do it easily, then try a higher spot.

ya ive seen i guy hop up 4 strairs with seat in. (OWEN!)

to clarify, my post was regarding sidehops only.

Well, it’ll be awesome when you do. You taught me how to idle, but I’ve never really mastered hopping. I can get a few inches, but nothing useful, except low, rounded curbs.