how do you preferre to hop what i mean is say there are some bleachers when your hopping up do you preferre foward or sideways i just wondering i preferre to hop sideways :slight_smile:

my guess is everyones awnser will be sideways…

Yeah, I don’t know of anyone who hops forwards. Except for rolling hops, anyway.

Side ways here. Alot easier than forward.

it depends on a number of factors.

  1. height. if it is a high hop (high in terms of the rider’s skills) then the hop will be almost completely sideways

  2. horizontal distance. if the rider must hop far, then, depending on the rider, the hop can be sideways, straight on, or somewhere in between. personally, as long as i am not hopping up more than 2’ as well as gapping, i will hop at a 45 degree angle. many riders gap facing straight towards the object. if you are gapping completely sideways, you risk a flat on landing.

  3. landing spot. if, for example, i am going to hop on something thin, like a rail, i will jump at a 45 degree angle and then twist midair and land almost perpendicular on the rail.

i hop forwards. and they’re not rolling hops.
then again, i can’t ride a unicycle so my uni is currently serving as more of a pogostick.

Wait, you mean that you can only hop on a unicycle, but you can’t ride it? What are you doing on the computer, get out there and learn!! ( :

i can hop forwards and i like hopping backwards sideways is good too (very)

I near always jump at a 45 degree angle. Because when I hop sideways sometimes my tire folds making it so I dont clear my obstacle and wreck.

I hop forward!

I can hop forward much better than I hop sideways.
Of course, I thought that was normal.
What’s the difference between a rolling hop and a hop?
I can go from moving to hopping, but it’s more like a very quick stop and then a hop.
I can’t seem to keep much of my forward momentum.

I hop sideways or rolling hop,but i can get much higher rolling hop.my seatinfront sidehop is only about 13or14 inches up,and seat in is 11 or 12 inches,but rolling hop i can make 20 inches.

My sidehop sucks.

I just did my first successful hop up a curb today, and it was a forward rolling hop. Sideways hops seem more difficult to me - give me a few more days though. :wink:

uhh… i think i like foward hops better, but i cant really hop, today will be my 5th day of unicycling, i cant really hop very high, does anyone know any tips?
i can hop a few inches, with seat in, but ppl say pull your seat out when you jump, i think i wont be able to have kids.

i did about a 10cm hop the other day (rolling) and it felt good, bt it wasnt very high

I think hopping sidways is way easier than hopping forwards epecially when hopping gaps, I can’t go more than 1ft hopping forward, is something wrong with me?

i vote for 45 degrees too… maybe abit less like 35 if you want to be techincal… but wotever suits you!