ok, here’s a question: I am getting pretty good at trials, (by my standards, not some expert’s…), and I am wanting to get better at street. However, I find that a major obstacle to this is the fact that I cannot hop as well with my feet in differnt positions in the pedal stroke. Because of this, I find that I have to measure off a starting distance to a line i want to do. so, how do you good street people get around this? can you hop equally high/far with your pedals wherever in the pedal stroke?

I have been working on hopping with my bad foot in the back, and am able to pogo pretty reliably and jump up curbs like that, but I am nowhere near close to jumping 2 stairs like I can with my good foot back.

This may or may not be related, but when I pogo with my wrong foot back, the uni seems to want to twist towards my good foot. Is this because my crank is extremely bent? (I killed it jumping five stairs. stupid cotterless.)

As far as I know, people only hop with their pedals in two positions: at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock or vice versa. Most people only use one of those positions.

When you’re approaching an obstacle, you can curve a small amount to arrive there with exactly the right positions. This is hard, but possible. Another thing to do is ride up to it and start hopping, and hop into the position you want to take off from. Then ride backwards a fair distance then start riding forwards and go.

Re: Hopping

I have recently started hopping. I hop with left foot forward and right hand on the seat. If I hop right foot forward and right hand on the seat I get a twisting motion to the left. I suspect your twisting has to do with the position of your feet and hands. When you hop wrong foot back have you tried changing hands too? I suspect that would offset the twisting motion.

james: i can do the curve thing, and will do the backwards when I am able to ride backwards.

I have tried the different hand, and it does help, but not completely. I guess I just need more control…

Re: Re: Hopping

Not true. I hop left foot forward and left hand on the handle and experience no such twisting. I suspect its a matter of more practise being required to get the twisting motion under control. Nonetheless it is a good idea to practise hopping with both your favoured and unfavoured feet forwards - it comes in handy quite often.


I also hop left hand on seat and left foot forward, no twisting or anything for me. I think the answer is either your uni is messed or you just need some more practice.