After “just road riding” on the Coker and trail riding on the MUni for a little over a year, I decided that today was the day for me to start developing a skill or two. I’ve done a little low level “skinny” riding lately and today I learned to hop in place. I was surprised by how easily I picked it up. Of course, the height was only a few inches but I did manage to hop continiously for 25 to 30 hops in a row with regularity. My best attempt today consisted of 43 consecutive hops before UPD’ing. The frame I made last week looks like it is going to take the abuse quite well :slight_smile: I hope to be looking into some entry level trials type riding in the near future :smiley:

thats awesome that you were able to learn easily. it took 4ever for me to learn, and then i ate it really hard(i mean REALLY hard, i landed horizontally on top of my unicycle, and jacked up my wrist, and my abs) NEway, thats nice that you learned so quickly.

Hopping actually is about the easiest thing to do on a unicycle (even easier than riding, in my opinion). Once you get comfortable with the foot position, that is.

i had a hard time learning to hop. but that was before i discovered the forum. everyone i’ve helped teach has picked it up really, really easily.

I disagree. I think riding is definitely easier, because it takes less energy. How long can you hop for? I bet you could ride 1000m easier than hopping for 1000m. Maybe you should get yourself a pogostick instead!

I think he means that it is easier to hop 5 times than it is to do 5 revs (for beginners learning the skill). It took me about a week to learn to get 5 revs consistently - whereas hopping took less than 5 minutes.

I am amazed that Krashin’Kenny didn’t have “average” hopping skill before now. Technical MUni requires it. Maybe he means big hops or long gaps.

/trying to learn to “roll” obsticles more frequently than hop

i think you’re both right. it all depends on your backround, tho. i read sumthing about a mountain biker being able to hop as long as he wanted on his first try but couldn’t ride it just last week.

One of the london trials .com bike riders can hop a unicycle pretty well, but can’t quite ride along on it yet.

Hopefully he’ll get himself a unicycle and learn to ride properly though.


the think i like about hoping is instead of idling at a crossing/somewhere you have to stop, you can just hop. it’s funny cos’ it looks harder than idling but its like a ton easier. :sunglasses:

I don’t mean consisten hopping. I mean just be able to hop, until you want to stop. Like changinglinks said.

Nope, I’m just talking about “hopping in place consistently”. Usually when I MUni, I “roll” over obstacles. Soon I shall have a choice of rolling or hopping. Until yesterday, I just never tried to hop


I’d revise my hopping practice routine if I had it to do over. Once I learned to stillhop and gap and so forth, I’d immediately start practicing on angled planes, since you rarely run into flat surfaces on MUni rides. Someone on this list suggested practicing hopping in place and in circles on angled surfaces like steep driveways and so forth, and I found this really helpful because it translates directly to the trail. I spent a lot of time hopping on pallates and boxes and could seat in hop 22 inches but couldn’t stick a 6 inch rock because it wasn’t flat.

In short, in my experience, for MUni, hopping high is not as crucial as being able to stick lower hops on slanting planes.


Thanks, this is the kind of reply I was hoping for :smiley:


Try this site for hopping tips. I found some of it pretty useful.



I printed all that stuff out when I first started riding, but put it away somewhere. Thanks for reminding me about it :smiley: