im getting a schwinn 24 incher as soon as jason orders a new hub for it, its got the kenda kenetic on it, and he only wants 50 bucks for it! but will i be able to to hops n crap on it?

You’ll certainly be able to do the latter :wink: What hub is being put on it? If it’s just a standard hub then, depending on your weight riding style etc, you should be able to hop up curbs and steps without any real problems. Dunno about the tyre for hopping, how big is it? Doubt it will be as good as a trials tyre but shouldn’t anyworse than a standard tyre. Really depends what you wanna do.

just the standard hub, the tire is huge

Kenda Kenetics tire’s are listed as 2.6 inches wide. I think they’re a fine tire, nice and light. Did I understand you correctly when you said he was charging you 50 bucks for the tire? or is that for the whole shabang? becuase those tires retail for about 30.

50 bucks for a almost brand new schwinn 24 incer…with the kenetic tire and NICE pedels on it