I seem to remember this topic coming up before but i have improved a lot recently and can’t remember the answers…

How high can people hop?
thats side hop and moving hop thanks

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I think you mean rolling hop. There have been hundreds of threads on this, and a quick search of the forums will bring you lots of useful info. My advice:

-Don’t ride on your arches, keep the center of the pedal between the balls of your feet and your arches, but never on ethier.

-For sidsehops, do a hop-pause-hop-pause, so you have more control and precision. It also saves energy.

-When doing sidehops at or above your max hopping height, do a 2-3’ prehop/gap before the main hop. Note: if you can, it’s better not to prehop at all. I find it’s really helpful when I wanna ride a line where there’s a big up with a small jumping surface, such as a 2x4.

-Lift the uni as much as you can, for seat in, it may help to lower your seat.

-Visualise yourself making the jump (this really helps on intimidating stuff, and also when you first start out).

-Once you have seat in sidehops down and can do over about 14", start taking the seat out. This will help you get a better prehop, more precision, better control, and best of all, a bigger jump. Withing a month of learning to jump seat out, my hopping height increased by 6". Since then it’s reached over 2’.

-For rolling hops, don’t prehop. Ride up to the object (I prefer a 45 degree approach, so I can bail better, but I’m just a wimp) quickly, and when your pedals are in the optimum position, stop the wheel and jump. Pike the uni out in front of you, and land it on the object. This is insanely intimidating at first, but it has been shown that some people can do it. I saw Ryan Atkins land a 34" rolling hop onto a rock straight on. Also, most importantly, commit. But these are best learned as a side hop rather than a front hop at first, that way if you bail, or don’t get the wheel high enough, you won’t kill your nutz.

That’s my advice.

how high can people hop?

Im pretty sure the highest official hop (as in competition) is 92 cm (about 3 feet). there is video of ryan doing 95 cm (about 37 inches). this was doing a sidehop with a prehop. I would assume that without prehop the highest is about 30-31".

rolling hop?

the best way to think about a rolling hop os that you are riding and, when the cranks are horizontal in your normal hopping position, push down with all your strength on the back pedal. at the same time bend your knees and the lift the uni up. you will be catapulted into the air. as what gerble said, try riding parallel to a curb/obstacle and do a rolling hop to the side on top of the obstacle.

:smiley: Thanks, guys. This suddenly makes sense to me. I can hardly wait to go out and try it now. (rolling hops) :sunglasses:

I said…

not how to hop but thanks for the advice anyway
ps: thats quite high muniracer

Weenies…still thinking in terms of inches and centimeters. I consistently do 300-350 micro foot hops.

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